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  1. Version 8?

    How do you know what Wholly Genes are or are not doing. Peter
  2. What do you want the tag list for on the new computer? Peter
  3. No, VCF uses the default printer as set up in Windows and the settings of that default printer to set the initial page size. The only paper sizes available intially are those available for that printer in the default settings. If you want to use a different printer with custom page sizes and you are unable to effect the changes in VCF (it appears to depend upon the drivers being used for the default printer, some allow change of printers some do not) you can set up the printer required for the appropiate paper size and set as the default printer BEFORE creating your chart. A workround if you need to change the size of paper for a chart already made - firstly set up the default printer so that it is the printer you want and that it is set up fot the paper size you require. Open VCF chage the size of the blank sheet to the diagram size that you need ( using the default page size that you have set up). Then open the chart you wish to change. Select all & then copy this chart and paste onto the new chart with the correct paper size. Peter
  4. Version 8?

    Jim, I don't think that statement will be quite accurate. While Wholly Genes tries very hard to get each release perfect, TMG is a very large and flexible program. The beta testers test a wide range of feature combinations but TMG users are very creative in how they try to use the program, and there always seems to be a few obscure (and sometimes not so obscure) things that don't quite work properly. If they didn't insist on giving us so many useful ways to record and report our data, maybe they wouldn't have a few bugs in every release. But then many of us would not be interested in using the product. Pierce I have to use any release of any software that has not had a bug ib it. To hope to release any software without a single bug is impossible. TMG has relative few major bugs compared to programs I use in my business. Peter
  5. Neil Go to the Warwickshire Registrations index - each marriage has a unique number with a suffix of 1 for the groom & 2 for the bride <http://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/Web/corporate/pages.nsf/Pages%20by%20Department/1057E57E886DA0228025738500453B29> Grantham Albert - 767/NWR/20/24/1 Grantham Louis - 767/NWR/20/23/1 Styles Lavinia - 767/NWR/20/24/2 Styles Veronica - 767/NWR/20/23/2 Therefore Albert married Lavinia & Louis married Veronica. Peter Bedworth Warwickshire
  6. Debbie Try a kinship report - it will list relations under their relationship - you can then just count them. The only problem with defining generations is that once you get further away from the starting person the chance of having a marriage between two cousins of different generations increases - the resultant children become members of two generations for example 4xgreat grandchildren & 5x great grandchildren. I have ancestors who are four generations after a series of these marriages.
  7. PC to Laptop and back again

    Sue Why not use an external hard drive (USB2, Firewire or SATA) to keep your TMG data files in? All you need to do is connect the drive to the appropiate computer - there is no need to worry about syncranising backups. Just do your regular backups to another drive or external media.
  8. Invalid file error - Flag Manager

    The .fpt is the file that holds the memo fields of the equivalent.dbf file and in the _c files only contains the description field of the flags. Without opening and then repairing the .dbf file in an appropiate editor, the best thing to do would be either to restore the back up or contact support to see if they can fix your file.
  9. synchronizing data files

    Dianne Another simple way is to keep your TMG project data files on a portable hard drive and plug this drive in everytime you want to use TMG.
  10. teresa Check two things 1) That you are in advanced mode (In the file menu under prefeences) 2) that the language that you are using is the language with your sentences in (English (US) , English (UK) etc).(In the file menu under languages)
  11. Printing Problem, Journal Report

    Patt What version of Word are you using? Word version 8 was Word "97" if you are using Word 2000 or later (including Office XP) you use "Windows 2000 or later" output
  12. Old style dates

    Barb What are you trying to correct? The dates between March 25 & December 31 do not need double dates and should only have a single year - double dating does not apply to these dates. The dates between January 1 and March 24 can be input using double dates if you wish, if you do not use double dates you must ensure that you input the correct year. TMG works on a year of 1st January - 31st December so that a date input as 3 February 1725 becomes a New style date of 3 February 1725, if it is input as an old style date 3 February 1725/26 TMG takes it to mean a new style date of 3 February 1726; giving a years difference. Care must be taken as some records before 1752 were written up with January 1st as the start of the New Year and some were written using the Old Style (dates between 1st January and 24 March using the same year as the December records) and it is advisable to look in the records to see when the year was changed. Transcriptions & OnLine databases are a problem as very often you have no idea whether the date given is Old Style or New Style (another reason to refer to the original).
  13. Version 7

    You could use two name styles - one including the title and one not. TMG Utilities can change the name style to the one including the title every time you want to produce a report including the symbols and you can then change the style back again afterwards.
  14. Version 7

    You can have symbols on an indented chart using the reference field. By using different input strings for male & female in the reference field (e.g. ~~~~~ for males ##### for females) and after outputting to your word processor changing them to the symbol required. (If you can find the symbol required in the font you are using in TMG you may be able to omit this step). Just make sure that you select refence field on the names tag on the options tag of the report definition
  15. Old style dates

    Old style dates only apply to months of January, February, and March. Any date entered 1751/1752 for any other month is interperated as a from 1751 to 1752 date thus you will get the prompt as the range may be outside the input (in other words the age may be 1 year out).