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  1. Places in Journal

    Is there anyway to have the places in the journal show the city and state rather than the city county state but still show locations that are county state only? Married in LaGrange, Il instead of Married in LaGrange, Cook, Il Born in Burke Co ND If any TMG people read this there seems to be several bugs in the place data when you choose select individual fields option. When checking city county state it seems nothing appears unless all three items are in the data base. When checking city state, data base items that have that information sometimes do not print. I can provide more detailed info if needed. John
  2. Tidbits not showing in the Journal.

    Cool, how do I add a variable globally? I will check the memo structures when I get off line. Thanks John
  3. I have entered many tidbits about people and events in my data base. I was an early roots user and converted my data base to TMG many years ago. The conversion placed these tidbits in various different places which I didn't understand. I have done little with the Journal until now but am working on getting everything correct. Some of my problems, I have many items entered in the details (I guess in the places section) like John Shankland married Cathy (and in details) at the LaGrange Country club. While this detail shows in TMG in the sentence it does not show in the Journal. Same for my Grand Daughter Camryn J (Detail) born during a raging snow storm. Camryn's middle name, J (only) stands for her 4 grandparents who all have "J" names. None of the above shows. I have entered many things in the memo field that don't show. For example newspaper wedding stories, obituaries, and the like. I have entered many of the other principal’s parents but few of them show in the Journal. I have discovered the <paro> variable which fixes the issue but I don't understand how it got there. For example my 3 children are married and I have entered their spouse’s parents. My youngest says something like "she married John the son of Jack and Virginia" but this was not included with the other 2 children. Why? How can I find all the instances of this and correct them? I have memos checked and no sureties checked but to no avail. I am using the Custom layout. Maybe I should have made this more than one post but if you can answer any one item please do. Thanks John
  4. Index/Book

    That seemed to do it, thank you very much. John
  5. Index/Book

    I can not make the indexing funtion in Word work properly. To make it simple I am using a narrative report with my father as the start. Then an indented descendant chart. When I use (Vista Word in the compatable mode) a master file then creat an index the page numbers are wrong. I can creat a single report (either one of them) and it indexes correctly or I can take the two reports, cut and paste one of them into the other and it works properly. section breaks do not effect the numbering Any suggestions or anything I can read about to get this done? Thanks John
  6. Where is the spell checker?

    That was my next question. I have typed long messages into something else with a spell checker and then pasted them into forums like this. Pain in the butt!! A spel cheker wood b grate! John
  7. Shankland, John N

    www.shankland.name Shankland, Sethne, Brian, Ensrud, Bowen, Stoop. I created the site with Frontpage and Second Site. In addition I use Excel and Word.