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  1. Can't use Live Chat

    Virginia, Problem solved at last. Following your lead, I downloaded and installed nVidia's GeForce FX 5200 driver for my Windows XP Professional machine. It seems only a basic driver had been installed on my machine. Thanks for your suggestions. Benita
  2. Can't use Live Chat

    Well, there is part of the problem right there. Following your instructions to the Display Adapters, NVIDIA is not listed, only WinFast A340. Do you have a suggestion of which driver I should select in Step 2 below. The error message doesn't really give me a clue. Or should I just call the Geek Squad. Benita
  3. Can't use Live Chat

    Virginia, I am using Windows XP. This error message is now showing up when I use my World Vital Records subscription. I've found the NVIDIA software site but the choices for downloading a driver just confuse me. Benita
  4. Can't use Live Chat

    Virginia, Yes, it does. I've attached a picture of the error message. Benita
  5. Can't use Live Chat

    Clicking on your alternate chat window produces the same result.
  6. Can't use Live Chat

    I want to use the Live Chat. Everytime I click on the link I get this message "Driver componet sizes mis-match. Retry to keep going. Cancel to exit." Clicking Retry just causes the same message and clicking Cancel kicks me out of the Internet Explorer window altogether. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I should do to overcome this problem? BTW, I'm not a computer tech savvy person. Help!