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  1. No help files and accent FGS

    UPDATE I tried going through the process several times today. I finally searched in the "all programs" box and 4 "The master genenealogst" entries showed up. When I got the message these are shortcuts that do not lead anywhere, after checking that, I deleted them. My next move was to check TMG on a computer that is temporarily stored here. TMG on that had the help file showing. I copied the tmgsetup to my computer. When I ran it it came up with modify or repair. I clicked repair and now I am back to normal. Janice Cornwell
  2. No help files and accent FGS

    Jim and Virginia, I have just gone through the steps again and downloaded the 30 day trial today. Still wants me to modify or repair. I have, and had my hidden files showing. I am contacting Wholly Genes now. I appreciate the time you have both spent trying to get this problem fixed. Janice Cornwell Down Under
  3. No help files and accent FGS

    I had tried both default and custom with same result. I uninstalled again and downloaded today the 30 day trial version. This time it asked me whether I wanted to modify or repair? I tried modify and it said it was installing TMG v8. The result was the same no help files. Virginia I clicked on the Acces files and no luck. Janice Cornwell Down Under
  4. Virginia, Perhaps I did not explain clearly. I was getting extra lines to the one in the FGS. I have found these lines diappear if I print them to a PDF so problem is solved. I can now finish my powerpoint. Thank you for your valuable help. Janice Cornwell Down Under
  5. No help files and accent FGS

    Jim as it went from bad to worse I uninstalled according to your instructions and reinstalled. I still had no help files although my data was able to be viewed. I uninstalled and reinstalled again with the same result. I searched for a *.chm file and found none. When I run TMG it flashes a screen quickly, which I think is recreating indexes. It then opens on the Welcome Screen and the only project I can open is the sample project. I can then close it and go to my project. There is no help file. TMG v8.0 Win 7 PS I could not follow the instructions to read the help file for obvious reasons. Janice Cornwell Down Under
  6. Virginia, I tried resetting the margins, the result is still the same. Hadn't noticed the settings before. What I meant was that the group sheet is normal although hard left. When I print preview it is as though it is showing the outline offset to the FGS. Things seem to have got worse with my TMG and I think that will need to be fixed first. I wanted the group sheets to finish a powerpoint to show the capabilities of TMG. Janice
  7. No help files and accent FGS

    Jim I deleted the folder and I am still do not have the help files. It starts and out and looks as though things are happening and then opens on the welcome page. The only project I can open is the Sample. It has no help file either. I am wondering if I should delete it and download the trial and hopefully everything will start OK. Janice
  8. When I print to screen or print to file the FGS is aligned hard left. It also has the page in outline under it. I do not see anything to align it. Help please. Thanks Janice Cornwell Down Under
  9. No help files and accent FGS

    Virginia thank you. I have now accented the names. I have struck a problem printing the reports. I will start a new topic. Jim thank you also. Before I do what you suggest I want to confirm that you mean to confirm delete the folder C:ProgramDataTheMasterGenealogistv8? There is also a The Master Genealogist v8 Installer there as well.Delete that as well? Thanks Janice Cornwell.
  10. I have been tryinging to do a FGS with accents. I have forgotten how to do it. I knowit is simple but I cannot find anything about it. So the next thing is to try Help. I do not not have any help files. I reran repair with the installer and it is still the same. Win 7 Home Premium. TMGv8.04 Janice Cornwell Melbourne Down UNder
  11. I now have it working. Thank you Virginia and Jim. I am impressed by the number of posts the two of you have made. That is a lot of people you have helped. Janice Cornwell Down Under
  12. I have tried that and I still get the same message.I restarted my comuter and also tried the sample project. I used TMG setup. Is that correct? Thanks for the prompt reply. Janice
  13. The full message is "the operating syste failed to register an OCX used by TMG. You need to exit the program and run TMG once as administrator (right click on the program shortcut and select "Run as administrator"}. After TMG has been started once running as administrator, you can exitand, thereafter, can run the program normally. " I have done this. I had to put in my serial number and still I get the above message. I have tried restarting as well. What should I do next? Using TMG 8.04 and win7 I have only just uninstalled TMGV7. Grateful for any help. Janice Cornwell Melbourne Aus
  14. Vera, You were correct. It was in the Researcher Information for Current Project Options. I thought I had looked there. I am sure I had not entered that detail into the website. Thanks for the help. Janice Melbourne Aus.
  15. Just generated a family group sheet to make a master data sheet. Noticed that it had it was "generated bt 8.01". I am using 8.04. I don't have any control over this do I? Janice Melbourne AUs