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    I'm a rookie in genealogy, and trying to find my roots and the history of my ancestors! (Most of my roots are from Norway, but it seems like I have some connections to Holland (Netherland) and maybe Germany?? I can be reached throug facebook also (Arne Myklebost)
    I'll just see what turnes up!
    Found my Oldest ancestor yet: Hans Pauli Ursinn b. 1740!
    Any help or connections interesting!
    Facebook: Arne Myklebost, Oslo
  1. This is not a reply, but I can't find any new topic function, so I'll just explain my problem: I am running TMG8 English version (Gold) and have been very happy with this version. Anyhow I never got to upgrade to version 9 (due to evidently loads of issues with the update?) and I doesn't want to either... My problem is, that I upgraded tmy PC from Win 7 ultimate to Win 7 Proffesional and believed I had the code safely stored before i did this, but unfortunately I cant find the current code. Has anyone knowledge about retreiving this code somehov thus TMG is closing down - apparently completely closed down? If there is any way to recover my code, please let me know. I'm still evaluating any new programme with facilities like TMG and all suggestions is welcome about this too. Thanks for any help on 'beforehand' Arne Myklebost: (arne.myklebost@gmail.com)
  2. Found some unlogic information in a church-register: Great-grandmother died (Death date) 14. nov. 1863 - she was buried february 1864?? What happened? - Lost in snowstorm? lost in a ferry-disaster (Probably something like this due to 5(?) burials the same day!?? Any information around historic events available anywhere?? Thanks anyway!? Arne Myklebost arne_myklebost@hotmail.com