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  1. Re the project on the thumb drive, sounds like it was probably done on an older version of TMG. First, you should copy the file from the thumb drive to the Windows side of your computer. Then try to restore from there, not from the thumb drive. If this does not work, I vaguely recall that another step may be needed for earlier versions of TMG, but again, I am not a techie... Others on the TMG List will know... Jan
  2. Thom, I suggest you post this on the new TMG List. It moved to groups.io when Ancestry shut down the RootsWeb list. You can subscribe from the main page: https://tmg-l.groups.io/g/main It has been fairly active since the move! Re your problem, I know I had a dickens of a time running Parallels, Windows 10 and TMG 9.05 on my "new" (in 2028) 27" iMac, until I increased my memory to 24 GB. It may be that you just do not have enough memory to run two separate OSs. I would think the partition would leave you with even less resources than I had at 16 (or less) GB but I do not know how partitions work. I would think running parallels/Win10 on the half of your machine that is Apple could be even more problematic but I am not a techie. Good Luck! Jan Rodriguez
  3. BTW - MS Office is still trying to reinstall when I open TMG or TMG Utility on my laptop! I cannot remove MS Office as I need it on the laptop, unlike my desktop. You can see what happened on the video of my presentation Saturday January 14th. I tried all the fixes for this on the Microsoft site and while it now takes fewer cancellations, the installer still pops up and starts to run. Guess I will live with it!
  4. Hi, Jim! When I deleted the entire folder under AppData\Roaming and reinstalled, it worked! I am still missing report configurations and accents but I can go back to the copies I made on my external drive and find those! I am also missing my preferences but I'll try and figure out what they were... Maybe I will do a presentation on getting all my settings back.... Thanks, Jim! Sincerely, Jan
  5. Well, I removed Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 from the desktop and reinstalled TMG. Still garble MEL from MPL Events button... I am getting ready to call it quits with TMG. Between this and being unable to properly backup, I have just about had it.
  6. OK, I just opened an old TMG v8 project in the TMG v8 folder. I open it up in TMG v9 on the iMac/Win7 desktop. The MPL and Events button work as they should... I tried the Sample in the TMG v8 folder, it has the garbled top. I went back to the 2013 project that had just worked, and the top of the MEL open from the MPL was now garbled like all the other porjects except the version of TMG on my husband's computer... I closed the Sample and reopened it on Manny's computer and MPL > Events > MEL still works properly. This is so frustrating!
  7. OK - my husband let me install TMGv9 on his Parallels/Win10 computer. It has never seen TMG before. Several screens came up with questions including the language warning about custom language. These windows never came up when I reinstalled on the laptop or the desktop. I opened the Sample project, it opened as the basic vs advanced version of TMG. This did not happen on my reinstalls! I then opened the MPL, selected on place and clicked Event and the Master Event List filter for that place came up with the top part of the window intact! Sounds like there are still pieces of TMG in the registry. On the laptop, I have two TMGv9 folders in documents under two profiles: Jan and Administrator. The new one from today's is in the Jan profile's TMGv9 folder. Any suggestions?
  8. When I uninstalled and reinstalled TMG 9 on the laptop, removing the TMG 9 folders, it started the install and when I clicked launch after an supposedly successful install, the windows installer for Microsoft 2010 started running. I had to tell it I did not want to install... twice. Then TMG open up and I clicked on the Sample project and it again started the Windows installer for Office 2010. I cancelled it. When the sample finally opened. I immediately open the MPL picked a place and clicked Events and the top is still garbled the same way... The same thing happened on the parallels/Win7 desktop. Wish I knew what is going on. I downloaded from the v9 US link on the WhollyGenes v9 forum... The size of the installer is 47,651 KB.
  9. Jim, I only run TMG Utility, Second Site and TMG 9 on my windows computers. I run Chrome or Edge on the laptop and Firefox or Safari on the Mac desktop. I do not use the internet from the Parallels/Win7 side. I have Office 2010 on the laptop, but not the desktop. I have Office for Mac on the Mac side. I run dropbox on the laptop and iMac but not on the Windows side of my iMac... I have two different virus protection programs but they are both Microsoft. The Win7/iMac desktop runs Microsoft Security Essentials and the laptop runs Windows Defender. I am trying the uninstall reinstall of the laptop with Defender turned off... Wish me luck! Wonder if whatever is causing this problem is also contributing to the backup problem I have been having. I have been unable to get a decent back in about a year. Everyone kept telling me to ask you, but I just haven't gotten around to it. Thanks for your help!
  10. Happy New Year!! I am working on next week’s presentation for the Arlington RUG on the MPL and place cleanup. I cannot get TMG to work properly. When I open the Master Place List, select a place in the list, and then click on the Events button on the right, I get the list of events for that place but the top is garbled. (It mirrors a few lines from the MPL above the place selected with some vertical bars it you click in it.) With the top part of the Event List missing, you cannot click on the Event and open it or go to either of the Principals to change the place entry from within the tag. Something I planned to demonstrate. I have used this feature many times, but not in a couple of years… I got the same result on both of my machines: Desktop - IMac running Parallels Windows 7 and TMG 9.05 Laptop - Windows machine running Windows 10 and TMG 9.05. I tried closing everything on the Apple side and emptying all cache; closing and reopening TMG; restarting Windows and Parallels then TMG, rebooting; rebooting iMac, rebooting iMac without second monitor, etc. Then I tried the laptop. No luck! I was wondering if it is only me but the RUG EC members have checked their TMG and are not seeing this problem. So I downloaded a fresh copy of the TMG9installer off the WhollyGenes forum. Then I ran repair. Still did not fix the problem. Then I uninstalled TMG and reinstalled. STILL the same garbled/mirrored headong on the MEL opened from within the MPL. The top of the MEL looks right when it is opened from the Tools menu... I am out of ideas and would appreciate any suggestions... Thanks! Jan Janis Parkison Rodriguez VP Arlington Roots Users Group
  11. A user (Nancy L) who had not opened her TMG v6 project for several years had trouble with TMG v6 opening on her old computer recently contacted the RUG for help. She finally got it to work (temporarily, using a trial version of TMG v6) but wants to try transferring it to a program that runs on the Mac she has been using for awhile now. She tried opening the project in TMG v9 and got the below error. Does she need to move the project to TMG v9 for the direct import to RootsMagic to work or will RM do a direct import from TMG v6? If she does need to move it over to TMG v9.05 (a trial version), she cannot just "open" it, right. Can she "restore" it or does she need to "import" it? I am not sure what the distinction is for these two terms either. Thanks, Jan Rodriguez VP Arlington RUG --------------------------------- Here's the latest... I installed the latest v9 version of TMG and restored my project, however, when I attempted to open it, I got the following message, "Invalid subscript reference. 4511 ATTRROLES This is so frustrating. Nancy
  12. Simon, no question is stupid. You are in Beginner mode vs. Advance mode. Go to File > Preferences and then under Program Options, click on Data Entry, then slect Advanced under Data Entry Mode then click Apply. Other preferences may also need to be restored. Check the other settings, particularly Current Project Options > Advanced for the file locations. Hope this helps! Jan
  13. Search for people by location

    Shelly, For other commonly used filters for "List of..." Reports check out the Favorite filters handout from the Arlington TMG Users Group. The website is www.rootsusers.org under Downloads then Meeting Presentations. *May 13, 2006 Favorite Filters, Rev3, by Janis Rodriguez The direct link is: http://www.rootsusers.org/downloads/200605-Janis-Rodriguez-2rev3.pdf Janis Parkison Rodriguez VP Arlington RUG (Washington DC area TMG Users Group)
  14. filters--tag does not exist

    Hi, Carol! Jan Rodriguez here! I checked the RUG <www.rootsusers.org> download archives and you did a presentation on filters awhile ago: September 8, 2001 Focus, Filtering, and Special Flags, by Carol Whitton The presentation (attached) mentions "tag does not exist" as one of the options so it must have been in an earlier version of TMG! From another presentation by Ken Mccomber a couple months earlier, it looks like you all were running TMG v2. Hope all is well in St. Louis! We miss you, here in VA. Coming east for a visit anytime soon? Jan 200109-Carol-Whitton.doc