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  1. Windows 10 installation problems

    I got it to work now. I had been running the installer in the administrator account. I thought that should be sufficient but I tried your suggestion anyway. I right clicked the installer and ran it as an administrator (while in the administrator account) and it completed successfully. Now I am off to find the last backup / project data set and load it to this much newer machine. Thanks much for your help.
  2. Windows 10 installation problems

    Actually I was running it in the Administrator account when I received the error message. I usually try to run all installations in the Administrator account because I find that trying to run something as an administrator in another account does not always work.
  3. Windows 10 installation problems

    I have an additional windows 10 installation problem. I attempted an install and the installation crashed somewhere in the middle. On a reattempt I get the following error in a Windows installer message box, "Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and is writable." I have downloaded the latest V9 installer and have attempted to do a clean install following all the tips in the this thread including the registry changes but to no avail. The installer begins with the asking the language and it immediately goes into the error message above. Ideas?