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  1. I posted this to the TMG list around noon (Atlantic time) today but there's been no response, so figured I should put it here too. ------------------------------------------------------------------- I haven't noticed this reported before - apologies if it has. After having done a couple of rounds of Optimize and VFI (no errors reported at any stage), I made a copy of one Source in the MSL (Personal knowledge, if it matters). I then immediately chose Delete (there is some background to this, but this is boiling the problem / bug down to bare essentials). I get an Error Screen with the Abort / Retry / Ignore choices: Memo file d:\home\john\genealogy\TMG\Projectsv7\Cordes\CORDES_G.FPT is missing or is invalid. 260 FRMMASTERSOURCES.MDELETE On clicking Ignore the next screen is There is a missing keyword in the FOR..ENDFOR or DO CASE..ENDCASE command structure 276 FRMMASTERSOURCES.MDELETE Clicking Ignore a couple more times gets me out, and in fact deletes the copied source. I assume those numbers (260, 276) are line numbers in the source files? John