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  1. Lost key to v9

    Yes, Thanks. That worked a treat. I am up and running again with un-corrupted file
  2. Lost key to v9

    I found a .sqz file which probably has the TMG data I am looking for. Is it possible for you to extract a GEDCOM file from this file? I realize now the .sq file is to large (40 MB ) to upload on this forum. If I put it it Drop Box, would you be able to work with it?
  3. Lost key to v9

    I have had no response to date for key to run my copy of TMG 9
  4. Lost key to v9

    I seemed to have resolved my immediate issues and have an error-free Family Historian project file. I would still like to be able to run TMG version 9 and am now not in any rush to get the unlock key.
  5. Lost key to v9

    Thanks Jim. I am not holding my breath. I need to create a GEDCOM of my data to import into Family Historian. Is there a work-around?
  6. Lost key to v9

    I am trying to open a TMG v9 data file but have lost the key. I did submit a quest for the key but have not yet heard back. I was told to be prepared to wait for a reply which I continue to do. About how long should I expect to wait?
  7. What to replace TMG

    "Keep calm and carry on" with TMG seems to be the best strategy for now. James
  8. Currently I have one project with two data sets (not merged). I want to create a new project and import only one of the two data sets. I am unable to find the two data sets with the data set manager from within the new project which I have defined.
  9. I am unable to back up my project on my 32 bit Vista laptop unless I turn User Account Control off. It might be relevant I restored this project to my laptop from a 64 bit Vista machine which I had to abondon for now as having too many issues to be worth the bother. I seem to have brought this problem to my laptop from the project's previous home on the other computer. Is there a way to change the properties (?attributes) of my project file(s) so that I can turn User Account Control back on and still do backups? James K
  10. Vera is correct in her assumption about this issue. It does disappear when 'less' is selected. I have replied to her privately as she requested. She will probably ask me to send her some specific information about my setup, which I will do. I'm sure one or both of us will keep the forum informed about the outcome.
  11. The numbers displayed in Master Source List 'Cited' column are too large and the lower third of each character is truncated. How do I reduce the size of the font just in this column without affecting the 'Title' column, where the characters display properly?
  12. Here I quote myself, having experienced this problem a year ago... At 09:37 AM 10/12/2005, you wrote: Hi Dorothy… Through a process of trial and error I discovered that TMG needs a file called ‘CyperSnoop” which McAfee AntiSpyware deletes. I was able to restore CyperSnoop and TMG ran again without needing to be reinstalled. I find it hard to imagine that other TMG users with McAfee Suite have not encountered this issue. It might be worthy of an administrative post to your support page.
  13. When I change the thumbnail size in Exhibits from the default of 150 pixils to 200 pixils I get an error upon attempting a backup. I tried compacting the file and running a validity check on the data but that did not help. The error is something about SQZ file could not be accessed or in use by another user. I needed to restore the last backup before this change to get backup to work. Anyone know about this?
  14. It _is_ possible to define a new timeline and have it appear in the timeline list in the Timeline Manager, ... but when I try to add an event by clicking on <add> in the Edit Timeline window, an event with zeros as entries _does not_appear as expected. If I forge on and enter a date and description and hit <add> a second time to save, I get an error: Alias 'TIMELINE' is not found. Could some kind person let me know if this function works for them, and if so it suggests it might be time for a fresh install. Wholly Genes, Inc.
  15. I want to copy a person from a locked data sat to an unlocked data set. I selected the person to be copied from the locked data set by high-lighting it in the Project Explorer. hit Add>Copy, chose the 'between data set' option, and pointed to the receiving data set. I get a message "No qualifying people are selected in Project Explorer" I have to assume I am doing something wrong because a search on this forum with the search string "Copy Person" revealed no instances of any similar issue from other users.