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  1. Davis, Kerry

    Greetings! For this work in progress, I created a custom theme using the generic Second Site theme, editing with Note Tab Lite and making new graphic images and files with Adobe Elements. My Main entry page for the Davis-Bean Trees includes photo galleries (well, I have the first gallery started so far), family histories, guest book, and other miscellaneous documents which were created using Cute Site Builder. This website links back and forth to my TMG Genealogy Pages which were created by Second Site. Family surnames I've been concentrating on at the moment are of early emigrant ancestors mostly from England, Ireland and Scotland who settled in the early 1600s in Virginia, Maryland and New England: Bean, Davis, Fairchild, Gregg, Hilton or Hylton, Kingman, Lewis, Marsh, O'Bryan, Pierpont, Sherard, Stilson, Warfield, Wood and White. I would welcome comments and questions! Cheers! Kerry
  2. What is AVATAR?

    Oh, that's easier than I thought it would be -- something to play with tomorrow! Thanks so much Terry! Kerry
  3. What is AVATAR?

    Bob, Duncan is darling! Now that I know what an avatar is, I want to put up one of my own but I haven't a clue of how one would get a jpg or other graphic saved on a server to be pointed to -- I feel sort of dumb not knowing and figure it's probably easy, IF you know how to do it! Can someone clue me in???? Thanks! Kerry