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  1. Custom Layouts

    I am helping an individual start using TMG. I want to provide him with some of the layouts I use. I have placed copies of my layouts in his project folder, but when I click on the change layout box all I see is the Standard Layout. Is there something else I must do? Thanks Carltonb
  2. I am attempting to rune a report. Birthday, tag not empty end. Have 5000 people. Export to excel or csv. generates, but as it ends it gives me the following errors 1. Operator Operertor mismatch O NOSENSI 2. Variable "" is not found OR_LOP Then the program locks up. This report does work if I goto screen or if I print. What is giving me these errors. Thanks Carlton Brooks
  3. I too use OO and would like to see it as a part of TMG Carlton Brooks Mesa, Arizona
  4. Over a year ago I had a similar problem. Had a power surge and my UPS did not kick in in time. So my PJC file became corrupted. As last time I deleted all *.CDX files, but it did not recreate my file. What is my next step to get back my file. Thanks Carlton Brooks
  5. "Lost" Pictures

    I use Pathwiz, but it tells me everything is where it is supposed to be. Well, I took the plunge and did a full reinstall. It seems that everything is now working. No errors at all. Thanks for all the help. Carlton Brooks
  6. "Lost" Pictures

    The exhibit path I use is d:\data\tmg\exhibits\ All exhibits are put in this one folder. There are no sub directories. Also as an experiment this AM I went into preferences and in the advanced tab clicked the thumbnails option. I received the error message of CNTIMAGE. Then TMG locked up when I went to cancel. Is there a way to just attempt a clean reinstall of the program, then reload my data. If so how would I do it. Carlton
  7. "Lost" Pictures

    After doing all suggest items. I now have nothing in the exhibit except the description I placed there. There is no "X" in a box. Nothing. I ran VFI, again no errors. I am stumped. Carlton Brooks Mesa, AZ
  8. "Lost" Pictures

    I did all that you suggested. No luck. It stated no errors found. I have attached a file of what my screen looks like. LLOKS LIKE I CAN'T ADD THE ATTACHMENT DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION Here is what I have done. Using TMG Utility I verified that all my files were found. So far so good. I then opened up an exhibit. Right clicked on all items nothing. If I click on properties TMG locks up and I have to use Task Manager to exit TMG. I have the same (I think) setup on my laptop and it shows all the info correctly. I have even reloaded v 6.03. What else might you suggest. Carlton Brooks
  9. "Lost" Pictures

    I seem to have "lost" all of my pictures. If I go to an invividual that has a picture as an external exhibit there is a big "X" in the grayed square where it should show up. If I right click on properties TNG locks up and I have to restart the program. The same happens if I try and install a new picture (.jpg or other document). I can place the item but a gray square shows. When I close the screen and reopen there is that "X" in the gray square. I am running 6.03. Win2K Can anyone help. Carltn Brooks Mesa, AZ