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  1. Problem solved. Reported problem to virus protection program. Used virus protection program to delete the re-named files. I excluded the tmgsetup file from being scanned. I turned off the virus protection and downloaded a copy of the tmgsetup file from a backup copy I had in the cloud. Turned back on the virus protection program. Re-scanned computer and the tmgsetup file is still there and wasn't flagged or changed.
  2. I can't delete, re-name, or move the file: tmg9setup.0xe. It tells me I need permission from the administrator. I am the administrator and there is no password. I am logged on as the administrator and there are no other user accounts. I've tried multiple times to download a new copy of tmg9setup.exe but every time I get a message "failed - download error".
  3. I am the administrator and there is no password. There are no other user accounts. I am logged in as the administrator. I get a message that "file access denied" and that I need permission from "Barb-PC\Barb" to make changes to this file. That is the name of my computer\administrator account.
  4. Recently Charter Security Suite identified some kind of malware or virus in my tmgsetup.exe file and it changed the file name to tmgsetup.0xe. I can't seem to download the tmgsetup.exe file from the forum. Each time the download fails. I can't delete the .0xe file or change the name because it will only allow the administrator to do either process. I don't recall how to sign in as the administrator. I'm the only person who uses this computer. My program seems to be working fine, but I want to have a copy of the setup file in case I need it in the future.
  5. Various TMG7.04 prolems

    Thank you, Virginia. That solved my problem!
  6. Various TMG7.04 prolems

    I am also having a problem with Visual Chartform. I try to create a descendant box chart or an hourglass chart and I get a message that "Visual Chartform has stopped working." Strangely, it will work for some people in my data set but not for others (the ones I happen to want). With certain people, it always fails and with others, it seems to always work. I've run all the maintenance features with no change. I have the gold edition version 8.04, running in Windows 7 on a 64 bit operating system.
  7. I'm using version 8.04.0000 Gold Edition. My picklist has many duplicates that are identical-- identical name, identical spelling, ID, birth, death, father and mother. No matter which I choose, they take me to exactly the same page. I've tried all of the maintenance options - several times. How do I get rid of these duplicate listings in the picklist? Thanks!