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  1. I have version 6 of TMG. It's been probably 12 years since I've updated my database. I'm 76 and can't remember squat. I have custom tag named PHOTO. I need to add a image that resides in the PICTURES folder to this event and for the life of me I can't make it happen. The principle's image shows up fine. But I can't figure out what to do to get this group image to show up. I have it working elswhere but I don't know what I did years ago.
  2. Fail to register OCX

    I followed the directions in the error message. Thanks for trying to help me. but I don't have much patience. With this problem and with my other problem of not being able to change sentence structure on two of my custom tags. I'm bailing out on this Although I own TMG9/8/7 I'm going back to my old reliable TMG6 Thanks again.
  3. Fail to register OCX

    'The operating system failed to register an OCX used in TMG. You need to exit the program and run TMG once as administrator (right-click on the program shortcut and select "Run as administrator"). After TMG has been started once running as administrator, you can exit and, thereafter, can run the program normally.' And I have done that numerous times.
  4. Fail to register OCX

    tried that sevral times; no change
  5. Fail to register OCX

    I upgraded from 9.1 to 9.4. I got the error message that an OCX wasn't registered and that I should restart TMG in admin mode. Repeatedly did that and still get same error message.. Uninstalled multiple times and reinstalled and still get error message. Things where working fine in 9.1 except I had some global sentences that I couldn't change. Now I'm dead in the water. My TMG 7 version still works but the database is outdated.
  6. Can't edit tag sentences globally

    I'm having the same sort of problem. I have no sentences shown for principal and witness in the Edit dialog. I can type/paste a sentence structure in one or both places and then click OK. The Edit dialog closes and the Master Tag List shows my sentence entries. I click Edit again. The Edit dialog opens and there are no sentences. If I type in my sentences and click the rebuild all button my sentences I just typed in disappear. If, while the above is happening, I edit the "reminder" it accepts it and it doesn't ever disappear. The custom tags were created in an old version of TMG (probably 6). I imported the database from TMG7 to TMG9. I had never added the sentences in TMG6/7 I just went back into TMG7 and the old database and could add sentences without any problem. Also, in TMG9 I cloned the two tag types and had no problem adding the sentences to the cloned tags. It looks like that when I imported the database with no sentences defined it corrupted something that is keeping TMG9 from storing new sentences while letting it update the Master Tag List dialog somehow. I discovered this problem via Second Site. It gave me an error message saying there was no sentence for principal every place these two tags were used. I'm sure not going to like it if I have to re-enter all those tags (97) One thing I can't do is install a patch in TMG9 and then re-import the TMG7 database because I have added new people to the TMG9 version.but more importantly I have edited entries for people that have been in the database since version TMG5. Really would like a magic wand.
  7. GenBridge SDK

    The GenBridge SDK(set of free functions provided by Wholly Genes) which allows developers to extract information from TMG Project files. The SDK comes with a 'Help' file which list all the available functions and some additional information on how to use them. The following is the function for opening a TMG Project file: GbOpendecl GbOpen ( // opens data file const char *FileName, // name identifying the data base char *aMessage // returned explanation of error condition, if any ); // returns status by nameThis function opens a database specified by FileName. In reality, FileName may be the actual name of a single disk file, a subdirectory, or it may be some sort of a root name to which further suffixes are attached to access actual data files. It says nothing in the help file about how to select a given dataset from a multi-dataset TMG project file. I have used the functions without problem on a single dataset project but I'm almost positive that there is a way to select a dataset. I just can't remember how. Larry
  8. GenBridge SDK

    When using GB with TMG 6, how do I select which dataset I want to use? There is nothing in the SDK Help file that tells me.
  9. Wordport

    I can see from the wordproc sub-directory that wordport is being used to created reports. What format is used to create reports prior to being sent to wordport? It looks like it may be Customized Interscript? If so, what is the name of the customization file? Larry