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  1. How do I fix this one!

    In 7.04, I have this odd problem, I've tried using all the Maintenance tools to fix it! James and Rose have the following children that show in Person view correctly Elsie Margery James Reginald Change person view to any of these children, and Reginalds children now show in the siblings window! Exception to this, is Reginald himself, though his wife shows as his sister, and he shows as her husband (if you follow that!) It's odd, because it's the sibling and children windows that are displaying incorrectly, but the person view looks correct. It may have come about by me adding two of Reginalds children in a generation above incorrectly, then I went to change father and mother (would be nice to do this on same screen rather than individually) and TMG trying to add a marriage when I changed the father! Seems there's some circular referencing mess going on here! How can I correct this mess?
  2. How do I fix this one!

    Fixed it! Removed all the parent links for all these family members and added them all back, and kept running the Descendant box chart to check it was correct! Reginald's wife was the problem I think - she was also showing as his fathers wife.
  3. I presume if you use the US version of TMG, that the US naming convention is used? IE When Jane Doe marries John Smith, then reports show her as Jane Doe Smith? I use the UK version, where we don't naturally use that convention over here, IE Jane Doe would just become (normally) Jane Smith. However, I am sure this occurs a lot, I have American and Canadian 'cousins' where it would be desirable to show the US style in their entries. Is this easily achieved? Thanks
  4. Mixing UK & US name styles

    OK, thanks Terry. Had assumed that US users would get this by default. Food for thought.
  5. Hi For whatever reason, lots of living people in my project have the 'Living' Flag set at ? and I would like to set this to Y What is the best approach for this? I thought about using TMG Utility but does that not just allow you to set the N value for those over an age/date you choose? Would it be best to just create a report so that I have a list of those whose attention is needed. I don't really want to just change those ? Flags to Y as there may also be dead people among them! Thanks for your tips and advice Neil
  6. After merging in a relatives Gedcom file, I find lots of occurences of Tags such as Endowments, SealSpouses etc. Can anyone recommend a website that explains what these are (or explain them here), as many seem to be years after the persons death? Not sure whether to keep them or not. Many thanks. Neil
  7. SealSpouse, Endowment etc.

    Ah, I missed that bit!
  8. SealSpouse, Endowment etc.

    Thank you Virginia, Very useful, BUT.... Most if not all of these tags seem to occur in 2002, often decades (or centuries) after the persons death, which is what really puzzles me. Is this possibly a case of the person recording these events 'for the sake of it' as they assume they would of happened. I can't contact the person who sent me the file (other side of the planet/email bouncing) to ask them what these are all about. Indeed I don't know what program created the Gedcom to know if somehow the LDS data was messed up. For example, there are Baptisms recorded in 2002 (decades/centuries) later. The Wiki states that Baptism is required for 'exaltation' and clearly can't happen when they are dead!
  9. Finding the 'errors'

    I recently exported a GEDCOM from TMG 7, and on import to another application, it told me there were 7 non-standard date formats, and indeed it showed me them (albeit not who they were recorded with). My question is this: does anyone have any tips on how I might find these odd dates in TMG? They seem to be mis-spellings of months, the use of a capital 'O' instead of a '0' (zero) etc. Thanks Neil
  10. Finding the 'errors'

    Thanks Jim, for the speedy answer. Just what I needed
  11. My daughter often has problems visualising who her cousins are and from which side of the family. Has anyone created an easy chart in VCF that combines descendants of both sets of their grandparents? IE - is there an easier way than creating descendant charts for both and copy/paste from one to the other?
  12. TMG very slow

    Hi, My problem is not yet solved. Yesterday I noticed that the second computer was in a kind of sleep mode (not used for about half an hour) and suddenly switched on as soon as I started up TMG. A LED on that second computer kept on flickering all the time. So, TMG on my computer must be searching for something over the network, but I don't know in what way. Seeing your mail, I checked all paths, but all of them are local paths on my computer. Dirk Even though you've scanned for Viruses, and it reported nothing, doesn't mean you are not infected. Try downloading Malwarebytes, update it fully then do a quick scan. If that finds nothing a Full scan. I've found that this program has saved many a customer of ours from infection when the likes of AVG/Norton/McAfee etc tell you all is well, but it clearly isn't. It's free to use and will remove threats you cannot see.
  13. In my efforts to create a descendant box chart with minimal output (no dates etc.) I've removed all the options on the data types tab (I didn't save the chart, just created it so thought these would be restored next time!) What is the easiest way to restore them? Neil
  14. Thanks so much Virginia! Worked a treat.
  15. Cannot update to 7.04

    Hi I have a PC at work with TMG 7.03 on it. When I try to update to 7.04 with either the Help menu, Program>Check for update option or the full file download, I get an error that says Application Not Accessible to neilg The Copy of <etc etc> was installed by "Neilg" and was not made accessible to all users at that time, you must be logged in as neilg in order to apply this upgrade. Well I am logged in as neilg, the Registry Key AppPaths for TMG 7 says The Master Genealogist v7||neilg Can this be altered so that TMG is available to all users and allow me to install the upgrade. The PC is on a Domain and occassionally I've seen this where you login as <name>, but it thinks you are 'Administrator' etc. I'd rather not uninstall it all, but it may be a last resort.
  16. Cannot update to 7.04

    Jim Thanks for the information. I did state I'd tried the full install file already! I've tried as various users. I have seen before when you add a PC to a Domain under Windows 2003 Small Business where you apparently login as yourself (in my case neilg) but when you look in Docs and Settings, there's no neilg directory, but I am 'Administrator' In frustration, I uninstalled it and re-installed with the 'All Users' options (even though I don't want other users of the PC to 'fiddle' with it - I moved the Desktop Icon from 'All Users' to my desktop) Shame I couldn't 'hack' the Registry to allow an update .exe to work.
  17. I wondered if anyone has successfully customised the Family Group Sheet. I rather like the format as something I can give relatives to fill in vital informaiton I am missing from their branch of the tree, like birth dates/places etc. What I'd like, is this report, to include all descendants of the subject, rather than just the immediate family. Possible or not? TIA Neil
  18. Family Group Sheet options

    Aha, indeed it does. Silly me for not spotting that. It now does exactly what I wanted. Thanks to all who contributed.
  19. Family Group Sheet options

    Thanks Patrick, that's an almost acceptable solution, except that adding the people to the Focus Group doesn't order them correctly, as you can only sort on Surname, Given name or ID. For whatever reason that I can't recall, the Father of this branch has a higher ID than his children (I think I found I had the wrong 'William'), and one of the sons has only just materialised. So, when you create the report, it ouputs in the ID order, so 'Dad' is right down near the bottom! Getting there though!
  20. Family Group Sheet options

    It takes a little work. You must output all needed reports to TMG supported word processor files. 1. Run the standard TMG FGS report. 2. Run a TMG Descendent Indented Chart for each child. 3. Copy each child's descendants from step 2 into your step 1 FGS file at the appropriate spot. 4. You can hand edit the resulting composite FGS to your taste, if desired. Done. Best wishes, Mike Talbot That sounds good for one off reports like I detailed. Will give that a try laterThanks Neil
  21. Adoption events

    I have added an adoption for the first time in my data. For the person in question, I have put her birth name, and birth parents. I have then added a Name-Var Tag for her adopted name, and also Father-Ado/Mother-Ado Tags with her adoptive parents names on them In the Journal report, I am using Custom, so that I can have Spouse events show, but this is only showing her 'alternate' name (for want of a better term) How can I get it to show her adoptive parents names? Perhaps I've tackled this wrong? Thanks Neil
  22. Adoption events

    Hmm. At the moment the Journal report says John Doe was born 25 Oct 1943 at <Place>. He married Jane Smith on 5th April 1965 at <Place>. Jane Smith was born on 28 Oct 1945 at <Place> As of November 1945 she was also known as Margaret Jones. I would like to get it there somewhere/somehow, that she was known as that due to adoption, and who the adoptive parents are (IE Mr & Mrs Jones)
  23. Lost posts

    Has there been a forum problem? I couldn't get in earlier, and there seem to be posts missing (including 2 by me), and a Private Message has gone missing too. Will they get restored? Neil
  24. Baptism/Marriage/Burial events

    If I record an event such as a Baptism, Marriage etc, where I know the Town, but not the Church, I am getting a sentence like: She Married John Doe circa June 1939 at Coventry, Warwickshire. I'd prefer: She Married John Doe circa June 1939 in Coventry, Warwickshire. But, if the date and Church are recorded, I'd like the option for it to say: She Married John Doe on 13th June 1939 at St. Mary's Church, Coventry, Warwickshire. Is it possible to have this kind of combined sentence structure for each event? Hope this makes sense! Neil
  25. Bill,The fact that the window stays open until you press cancel is usually a sign that the software is waiting for a file to be found (usually on a CD/DVD install disk). Quite why TMG triggers this event is a bit baffling. You have a few options I think: - When the window pops up, insert the Roxio install CD (if you have it of course), this usually solves the problem as it will find the file it is hunting for. Usually! it won't happen again - Uninstall the Roxio software using Add/Remove Programs Neil