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  1. XP to Vista and back again

    Jim, That's a very practical solution to the dilemma, however, it isn't always so: I have come here from another discussion with Virginia, as I've been having problems with project data, since I introduced some custom buttons. (for the very first time - I've run without them till now) I added the same buttons on 1) My Windows Vista PC and 2) My Windows XP laptop. (Backup and Restore buttons) In my case, the solution isn't practical because: 1) I had moved my documents directory on my Vista PC to a new Hard drive (F:\) due to increasing size of Pictures folder and rapidly decreasing space on C:\ because of this. 2) My laptop has only one single partition drive (C:\) and I cannot therefore create the same structure as my PC. I also feel that doing what you suggest, for many would be an advanced IT task and a 'risk' - I speak from experience as an IT Technician having seen customers attempt it and it going horribly wrong. I feel it would be far more eloquent, if the programmers could introduce variables to cope with this in the way that Windows does. I.E. if you do Start>Run and type %systemroot% an Explorer window opens to your Windows install directory, be it C:\Windows, E:\Winnt or F:\Thingy Whollygenes surely knew of the potential problems when Microsoft changed the protocol for the 'My Documents' directory moving from \Documents and Settings to \Users Therefore, if they adopted something like %Userdata% etc, then it would work across Windows versions, as this would take care of the location up to the point of the installed 'The Master Genealogist v7' structure. I.E. "%userdata%\The Master Genealogist v7" would be normalised across Windows version to equate to: Vista <Drive>:\Users\<username>\Documents\The Master Genealogist v7 XP/Win2K <Drive>:\Documents and Settings\<username>\My Documents\The Master Genealogist v7 ...and similar for Shared/User Program Data directories. Neil
  2. I am using v7.03 and have recently, for the first time, added custom buttons. Nothing spectacular, I just added the Restore and Backup text buttons and removed the Customise button from that toolbar. Then dragged it on to the main toolbar, next to the Save layout button. I use a PC and a laptop and backup from one and restore to the other, and vice versa. Whether I do a Full or project backup, when I restore it on the opposite machine I get the following errors Array dimensions are invalid. 3 CUSLAYOUTMANAGER.MLAYOUTEXIST I click ignore Variable 'LCLAYOUT' is not found. 4 CUSLAYOUTMANAGER.MLAYOUTEXIST I click ignore Then I am asked if I wish to Save current layout I answer No - all windows disappear Array Dimensions are invalid 34 CUSLAYOUTMANAGER.RNACTIVELAYOUT_ASSIGN I click ignore - windows reappear but my Layout name is now blank Menu item position must be a positive number. 97 CUSLAYOUTMANAGER.MCHANGELAYOUT I click ignore and thats it, until... I select my Layout Menu item position must be a positive number. 46 CUSLAYOUTMANAGER.MCHANGELAYOUT I am back to normal, with my project name in the box. Any ideas?
  3. Error messages restoring project

    Virginia I would have to say that in may case the paths are different, as the PC is Vista and the laptop XP Your suggestion of setting up each for layout, and just backing up the project had no effect, and I still get the error messages. As the programmers have had to deal with the introduction of Vista, I believe they should be using a variable as part of the path to these directories, which would get set at install, no matter where you put them on whichever Operating system. For example, Windows does such a thing. Got to Start>Run and type %systemroot% and you will open a window to your Base windows directory whether it's C:\Windows, C:\WINNT or C:\ThisismyWindowsDir IE wherever Windows is installed. Thus, TMG could do the same so that for example %storagedata%, %progdata% and %userdata% would all point to the same place for any scenario and resolve this problem. Otherwise it's nigh on impossible to retrospectively make these the same. ...or am I missing something!
  4. I just happened to notice the (as yet unannounced) 7.03 free upgrade when I visited this site (Main page says current version 7.03) I have the UK Gold Edition, so I went to the Help>Check for an Upgrade in TMG 7.02, and sure enough it started a download. However, when I clicked next to Install it, it announced that the download was for the US version of the program. I can of course get the download from the upgrade page, but I just thought it worth reporting the bug and warning other UK users. Neil
  5. Error messages restoring project

    Thanks Virginia, I do mostly save just my project anyway, unless I make any changes to appearance like this. I am pretty sure that one such 'project' backup has still resulted in the error messages. Is this a bug or intended errors? I'm not over confident that a full backup retains all information anyway. For example, I changed timeline highlighting from red to orange, but restoring a full backup to the laptop, the highlighting stayed red.
  6. Error messages restoring project

    Yes it does. The PC is 1280x1024 the laptop is 1024x768I see now how it's happening, but should it? Update: - I now have the monitors at the same resolution, and the same error is occuring in the reverse direction! This time, I had only saved project data and no custom data, and still the error messages.
  7. Can anyone suggest how I might record the following scenario until I resolve it? I have two brothers, Albert and Lewis, who married two sisters Lavinia and Veronica. It is very possibly a double wedding, as they are listed in the same 'record page' of the UK's GRO. So, I don't know at the moment which brother, married which sister. How would I go about recording this in TMG until I have resolved this? Thanks
  8. Suggestions for recording a 'possible' marriage

    Peter Many thanks for that, you are a star. I've not looked there before! Neil
  9. Suggestions for recording a 'possible' marriage

    Sorry, should explain for those unfamiliar with a UK GRO record: The record shows: Surname, Forename, Surname of spouse, District, Page, Volume This is done alphabetically, so mine are listed thus Grantham, Albert, Styles, Atherstone, 5, 58 Grantham, Lewis, Styles, Atherstone, 5, 58 Then for the spouses Styles, Lavinia, Grantham, Atherstone, 5, 58 Styles, Veronica, Grantham, Atherstone, 5, 58 From the page and volume, you can order a certificate, but as they are distant cousins, it's a bit expensive to buy one right now. There will of course be other ways to find out. So, this is why I don't yet know, which brother, married which sister, and pondering how to record it.
  10. Hi On the 2 PC's I use my TMG V7 on, I updated them to 7.2, then rebooted as suggested. On opening my project, on both PC's, I got the following errors: File must be opened exclusively 1470 INDEXON and also 1520 INDEXON (several times) The project opened seemingly OK I closed and reopened without the errors Are these something to worry about? I have since run the usual Maintenance tasks with no errors reported.
  11. Transfer pics to Word 2007

    Bob, It's a bit unclear what you're doing. What process have you followed or which report have you prepared? Where are the TMG instructions for Word 2007? Note that this is a context sensitive menu option, so it will only appear if you actually have links in the document!!
  12. Journal question

    Is it possible to include in a report (preferably the Journal report), the marriages of widows somehow? I can't see anything obvious. For example. Thomas Grantham marries Ann Rainbow, who is then Ann Grantham. Thomas dies, and she remarries Thomas Humphriss, I want to include this in my journal. Thanks
  13. Journal question

    Many thanks Terry
  14. Journal question

    The Journal is basically all descendants in my tree from my earliest recorded Great Grandfather (x4). So this is just an example of one of his descendants, and his wife who became a widow and re-married, so it could be anyone in the journal really. I noted that this information appears in a Family Group sheet if I select the person in question. It lists his wife and her subsequent marriage.
  15. How do I....

    I have put as an occupation for several members of my paternal line, either boatman or canal boatman. I have now added a flag 'boatman' and would like to accent these people. However, I need to find them! So, what is the best way to filter/find them so that I can go on to accent them. Is it the Project Explorer or Focus Group, or a combo of both? Thanks
  16. How do I....

    This was just the solution I needed. Many thanks. All took about 15 seconds to change the flags once I'd tested the report to find the people. Thanks again Neil
  17. Lost Key

    Very surprised they haven't helped you Simon. I lost my key once and gave then all the facts as you did, and was sent back my key again. I would presume you emailed them using the same email address from which you used to purchase TMG7 ? Maybe one of the members here who are in contact with WG, might give them a nudge! As a last resort, you might consider joining the TMG rootsweb mailing list and raising the issue there. I believe Bob Velke looks in. There are also live sessions to which Bob and other staff contribute. Good luck Neil
  18. How do I....

    Many thanks to all. I will try this later this evening.
  19. How do I....

    Ahhh, gotcha, they're in the memo field
  20. How do I....

    I've used the Occupation Tag. So it shows in the Details Window Type = *Occupation Date = <wherever I found it, EG Parish Register or Census return> Name/Place = Boatman I've found a slight flaw, in that the sentence comes out "He was boatman" (or something like that), so I need to change these too, to 'a boatman' Another good reason for finding them all!
  21. File Menu width

    Is anyone else 'irritated' by the width of the File menu, which seems to be goverened by the length of the path to your recently used Projects. Is there a way to customise this that I am failing to see? I miss the File>Maintenance sub menus so often as I try to guide my mouse in a near perfect line to hit the > arrow! It seems to be almost twice as wide as the same menu in V6. Just a small irritation really!
  22. File Menu width

    I get your drift Virginia, though I've never been a big fan of Custom menus! All too often I've seen such menus disappear with software upgrades/patches and have to be recreated. (not pointing a finger at TMG here) I've also seen some of the examples shown here of huge custom menus that seem to take up 1/4 of the TMG working area, and to me that's pointless waste of the space. However, I do see the merits of one or two highly used buttons. I'd sooner have smaller menus though!
  23. Disappearing Projects

    Having read the several posts on Project/customisation locations, I must say that WhollyGenes aren't doing themselves any favours by creating empty 'dummy' folders, they are just serving to confuse people.Surely, when you open the program and in Preferences state that your projects will be in X:\TMG\Project or wherever, then that is where they should be, and TMG should then stop re-creating them in C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\The Master Genealogist v7\ As we've seen, people are getting confused and possibly upset to see them re-appear if they delete them. Also, as TMG 7 is now using the MS WinVista guideline for not allowing data in the Program Files directories, empty 'dummy' directories are not needed as they are superfluous. Any directories that need creating elsewhere don't need to be copied, they can be created programatically. Lastly, to state that you can't write data to C:\Program Files\ data folders isn't true either. Ever since WinVista was introduced, this Forum has carried a thread telling TMG 6 users exactly how to do it. True, it's not exactly following the MS guidelines, but it is possible. By creating them, they are inviting use/abuse. Neil
  24. Journal report bug still there?

    Trying to produce a Journal report in Acrobat PDF format using "Print and Save". TMG v 6.12 (UK) on Winvista Business. I get "OLE IDispatch exception code 0 from Panels: Maximum Panels Exceeded" Recently installed Acrobat Standard 8.0 - would this affect anything or does TMG use it's own PDF processing? All I can do is click Cancel on the dialogue, and then it offers me the Backup option (TMG is closing). I select No and then get "Unknown member ROLOCALE 9MARKLANGUAGE" Click Abort "Unknown member ROBOOKMARKMAN 7FRMCHART5.UNLOAD" Click Abort TMG then closes. I can get this to work if I use the 'Printer' option instead of 'File' and install the TMG PDF printer driver from the resulting screen. Neil
  25. Version 7

    Sorry, didn't think it was as difficult a question as that!What I meant is that as programs develop over the years and get major point releases, the interface tends to improve so that it gets more intuitive and perhaps simpler to use. I just wondered if TMG was heading the same way. Take FTM for example, it's had a major interface change for 2008 release - I downloaded the demo and really like the look, and doubtless so will Legacy 7 due out soon. Also on my wishlist would be an improvement in start up speed. I gave up arguing about it ages ago. 6.12 on my pretty specced up PC takes ages to fire up. I have upgraded to Vista, but TMG's performance is about the same as on XP in my perception.