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  1. Version 7

    Bob, we fully respect this statement.Can you comment though as to whether the Interface is getting an overhaul, or is it staying much as it was. Neil
  2. How to have Vista always allow TMG to run

    Good advice to see Vista PDF Virginia recommends, but basically: Right-click on the Desktop TMG shortcut (or whichever icon you are using to launch TMG) and select Properties. Click Compatibility tab. Tick checkbox in Privilege Level section 'Run this program as an administrator' Click OK Should now run without grumbling at you. Neil
  3. TMG 7 Compatibility

    Are there, or will there be soon, some screenshots of V7? When might we expect to know what new features are being introduced?
  4. Deleting people from picklist?

    I did all the Maintenance items and it didn't fix it. The only fix for me was to manually rename the wron surname in the wrong person, but this sounds different as my person had the wrong surname attached to the name-var tag which would have been generated when I entered a marriage. As I have 2000+ individuals, I know as it's my Aunt and Uncle they would have been entered early on (years ago) and I've never noticed this before.
  5. Deleting people from picklist?

    OK, thanks for the prod in the right direction. I looked at Person #31 and sure enough, there was a name-var which showed SKUCE instead of GRANTHAM. I edited that and the spurious entry has now disappeared I don't know how it got to be SKUCE, as surely TMG would have prompted me when the marraige was created (I have this option on) ...and, why, if it is wrong, did it pick great aunt Milly SKUCE and put in a wrong entry!? Surely it should have just given the wrong name against the wrong person and not have interfered with a random SKUCE? Neil
  6. Deleting people from picklist?

    I've also spotted this problem with my project. In that two completely separate people have the same ID tag of #31 !! Spotted it by chance. If I open the picklist to find 'Skuce, Millicent' I get 3 entries *SKUCE, Millicent Mary #56 SKUCE, Millcent Mary #31 (Extended picklist shows her married to my Uncle (who is the husband of he below entry) SKUCE, Milly #56 (her 'known as' name) If I list by ID Tag *WAGSTAFF Joan #31 is who #31 should be! If I click on the second 'SKUCE' entry, it opens Joan WAGSTAFF How do I sort this out! I've used all the maintenance options. Neil
  7. Has anyone else seen this problem. I upgraded my PC to Windows Vista Business, it has latest drivers. When I open TMG, I can 'see' other partial Windows imprinted on the TMG window, but only in areas where there is no text in TMG (IE clear space below Siblings etc). If I switch focus to another person, this doesn't clear the fault, but just 'adjusts' the view of the other window! It's most annoying. Minimising and Maximising doesn't cure it either! Neil
  8. TMG 6.12 on Vista - Graphics problem

    Thanks. It was the Windows Aero bit that did it. Neil
  9. Windows Vista

    Further to Jim's notes If anyone's interested. My company subscribes to Microsoft's Action Pack, that gives us licenses of the latest MS releases. We just received our quarterly update with Office 07 full release and Windows Vista Business full release I built a Hard Drive image with both installed, then installed TMG 6.12 with no real problems. The install went well, and I was able to create Word Document reports. You have to install as an Administrator, set the shortcut to run as Admin in the Privilege section, and use the 'Allow - I trust this program' when you start it (each time) Only problem was lack of Help facility. MS had promised that a legacy WinHelp reader would be ready when Vista was released, but I couldn't find it on the MS support site. A quick Google on the subject revealed one report that it would be end of February before it's released. Still, I can use (if I need to) the PDF download of the manual. Neil UK
  10. Relationship Tools

    I just wondered. Why are the Relationship tools all using 'Blood' relationships? I use the Option to show a persons relationship to me, and would like it to show 'Wife', 'Father-in-law' etc. Anyone else? Just a personal 'wish' Neil
  11. Index for reports

    Oops, mis-read the thread, ignore my post as I can't delete it, unless a moderator can, please do.
  12. Merging problem?

    I've read Terry's website about Merging, but still can't see why my merge went wrong I had my own Project with just one data set. I imported a GEDCOM which created a second data set I wasn't too fussed which would remain as the data set after a merge and delete, but: If I did B to A than deleted A I lost 'my' original data If I did A to B and deleted B it worked. I'm not certain it was this way round but certainly one way I lost data but the other it didn't. Why would this be, surely, which ever way you merge, after deletion the result should be much the same? Using 6.12 UK Gold
  13. Merging problem?

    Virginia I may have got the notation of the A to B wrong, but my explantion using COOK and GEDCOM is how I did it. I most definitely followed what I thought to be the procedure and definitely in one case, after the merge and delete, I lost the data from my wife's dataset (COOK) whilst the other way round it worked and I am now left with the GEDCOM dataset (3) The reason I didn't mention dataset 1, this is the result of a similar exercise some months ago, where I seem to recall the same happened and I ended up with dataset 2! Now I'm on 3 !! I'm going to repeat this again with my saved backup of the original project (pre-gedcom), both ways to see if I'm just daft
  14. Merging problem?

    Terry I hear what you are saying, and indeed the contents of your article, but, is it not true that if I do the reverse actions in two merges, IE A to B and delete B or B to A and delete A should it not produce a Data set with the same data. Surely? By definition I am merging data from one into the other, so in either method, I should have the same amount of records. The result of what I did is that after doing it one way, I lost 'my' original dataset, the other way it worked. I know I did the exact opposites. I restored an old project when it went 'wrong' and then re-imported the Gedcom so that I was doing the same things to the same data prior to the merging. I wrote down what I was doing to make certain I was deleting opposites to the previous attempt So, if it works one way, why not the other. Or... Am I just missing a point somewhere? To reiterate I had a dataset called COOK, I imported a GEDCOM, so lets call the datasets COOK and GEDCOM. Dataset manager gave them an ID of 2 and 3 respectively. First attempt, I merged GEDCOM in to COOK and deleted GEDCOM, resultant dataset still called COOK, but data was lost (my wife's family) Second attempt, I merged COOK in to GEDCOM and deleted COOK, resultant dataset called GEDCOM. Data is all there.
  15. Validate File Integrity question

    Look in your Install directory Projects folder, and you'll see a file called "Last VFI.log", they are reported at the top.Amusing entry in this file "Checking for Dangling Citations"
  16. GEDCOM import

    Hi I imported a GEDCOM file to my project, and lots of the entries have 'Sealed to Parent' Tags - what does this mean? Also there are lots of Baptisms on the same date in 2002, is this an Import fault, or perhaps a 'feature' of the exporting program Thanks Neil
  17. GEDCOM import

    OK, thanks Terry Neil
  18. Change multiple events

    Is there a simple way to edit all the events at a certain location Example I have lots of Baptisms/Marriages/Burials where I recorded them with Village name/County/Country EG Wheatley Oxfordshire England Now, I know the Parish name and I want to insert it for all these events Is the Master Event list the answer I'm just wary that I have entered a Birth as 'before' the Baptism date IE 'before 2 Feb 1755' (where I'm unlikely to ever find a Birth date) and it will alter that to the same as the Baptism record (2 Feb 1755) I'd prefer to have the Baptism with the Parish and the Birth without it - my head reasons to me that the Baptism record is showing the Church and the Birth record shouldn't as they weren't born at the church! or am I interpreting the Tag the wrong way!! Neil
  19. Sounds

    Yes, like many programs, TMG 'calls' sounds in from the Current Windows scheme, rather than use it's own. It's probably easier to program that way, using standard MS protocols.However, it would be good to have a switch in the TMG preferences. I believe to turn this off without turning off the Windows scheme, you'd need to disable all alerts. Perhaps an additional option to disable sounds but leaving pop-ups is what you need. Neil
  20. Hi everyone, Whilst working with the 'witnesses' thread on this board earlier in the week. I think I have stupidly worked on both my laptop and PC, with 2 versions of the project. So, on the laptop, I resolved the witnesses in Tags with Terry's help, altereing several people's roles to 'Clergy' etc., and on the PC, I had entered some new data. I restored the laptop project to the PC and consequently have lost the latest data. I am thinking I need to do a full backup of the PC which now has the Tag amendments, and then restore an older PC backup to get the data, save out that data somehow, then restore my 'current' backup and add in the data I regain. What's the easiest way to do that? As far as I know I've just lost the data of 4 people. Before you say 'just enter it again' I wrote the data on a magazine which is now gone. (It was data relating to my daughters fiance and his family, given to me by him) Thanks for suggestions. Neil
  21. Sounds

    If you want to listen to Music and avoid the dings of Windows, you could temporarily use the 'No Sound' Scheme 1) Go to Start>Control Panel 2) Click on 'Sounds and Audio Devices' (Windows XP in Classic View) or 'Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices' (Windows XP Category View) 3) In Sound Scheme, click the arrow to select 'No Sounds' then 'Apply' or 'OK' Yuo could of course create a shortcut on the desktop to this icon, or keep the Applet open whilst your music is on so you can get sounds back If you wanted to go a step further, you could de-activate sounds for events like 'Default Beep' by clicking on the event and selecting (None) from the top of the list of Sounds. Then you could Save you own sound scheme with a meaningful name.
  22. I'm having a mad moment. How, in reports such as Journal or Descendant narrative, do I include witnesses in sentences? It's probably somewhere totally obvious!
  23. Including witnesses in reports

    Thanks Terry and all Spot on. I've now altered the Burial, Christening, and Baptism Tags as well !! Neil
  24. Including witnesses in reports

    Excuse my ignorance. Where do I change things to get the above. If I open the 'Tools>Master Tag Type List', and select the Marriage Tag, I see the Sentence and Witness Sentence boxes. Do I alter here to see what you typed, or do I need to use 'Edit>Roles and Sentences' ? Neil (not Nick!!)
  25. Including witnesses in reports

    Terry, I think it is the latter I need. I'd like to have the Witnesses to marriages for example, and also perhaps, the Curate/Vicar included in the sentence. So, in the marriage Tag I've added a Role called Curate. In my test, I've changed the role of the Curate to 'Curate' - who I'd previously added as a Witness. So, how do I change the Tag so that it shows something along the line of Fred Bloggs married Jane Doe on 24th March 1855. Witnessed by Joe Blow, and Mary Green, married by Rev. Tom Jones Cheers