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  1. TMG 6.07 - structure version missing

    JimI am using 6.09 and get this error every few times I open TMG. I am willing to help you if necessary. I will email you the contents of my log file in the first instance. Neil
  2. Sample Reports 'broken'

    Has anyone else noticed that if you use "Report>Sample Reports web site" (Version 6.07) that it doesn't work? For starters the 'slashes' are the wrong way round \ instead of / but even if you correct them the site cannot be found. It tries to direct my browser here: http://\\www.whollygenes.com\samplereports.htm/ Neil
  3. File Management between computers

    I also use the Backup/Restore method. Backup, with whatever complexity you choose (full customisations or not etc) on your PC, copy .sqz to flash drive or CD etc, restore the .sqz on your laptop. This feature puts in a date for me too using the 'generate file name' tick box, so I get <project_name> yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm-ss.sqz When I return I do the reverse. It all works a treat and avoid any mistakes of missing a file or 2. Neil
  4. I inadvertantly have two copies of the same project (I worked on my PC an laptop) that have slightly differing content. By this, I mean that my master copy (on the PC) has 8 individuals that are not in the laptop version. The laptop version has several indviduals the PC version doesn't. What is the best way to 'merge' these indvidual in. If I for example restored the laptop project on to the PC, how would I first 'save' or 'export' the 8 people to bring them back after the restore. I'd thought of another dataset and exporting that, but I only really have GEDCOM as an option there. Other suggestions welcomed, is there a more eloquent method. Thanks Neil
  5. What's the best way to...

    Thanks Terry Just the ticket. Neil
  6. Email replies from topics

    I have set the flag to receive emails on posts that I have made, but have received none. I've looked in the spam folder of my webmail in case it thought it was a junk mail, but nothing. ...and yes, there are replies to one of my posts. Any idea's folks? Neil