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  1. 9.02 Error after running VFI

    Michael: Thank you for the update. It is very comforting to know that the developers are aware of the problem and are working on it. When I started having this problem yesterday morning, I hoped this would be the case, and as always, TMG is on top of things! I am going to suspend my research until this issue, and probably others, are resolved. I am just one of those users that would rather wait than cause other problems in my file. Rita Konzal Colfax, WA
  2. 9.02 Error after running VFI

    I too am getting the above error. Yesterday morning I updated from 9.01 to 9.02. I tried to change from my father's record to my brother's record. I got the above error, and the screen showed the focus was my brother's record, but all of my father's tags were showing on the screen. I had the option of "Abort", "Ignore" and "Retry", I selected "Abort" as it was the suggested button on the screen. This did not solve my problem. So then I went through the following steps: I ran VFI I ran Optimize I re-booted the computer, started up TMG again, and again had the same error message. I then un-installed Version 9.01, re-installed Version 9.02, my computer remembered my Serial Number and I did not have to re-enter it, but I was still getting the same error message, and I shut down my research yesterday afternoon. Yesterday, as in the past, I was running Norton 360 and DropBox. I have never had any issues in the past installing the TMG program with these programs running. I am waiting for a response to this error message either here on the Forum or in the TMG Mailing List (hosted by Rootsweb), as I have seen that there are other users that are also getting this error message. Rita Konzal Colfax, WA