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  1. The Future for TMG

    Hello Everybody! I've been a user of TMG for ten or more years, starting with version 6 and now happily use 7. I love it. I am pretty much at a brick wall going backwards and I'm not particularly interested in living additions to my data base that has 2700 names or so. I'm getting to be old and I am more interested in sharing my data with others. And, particularly with my siblings, I would like their input if they should so choose. But I wouldn't want them to make changes that I don't know about. What would be nice is a crippled "read only" version of TMG that I could send them and then let them make all the corrections they want in a text file (preferably stories, anecdotes, etc and critical date corrections). Then I could make the corrections myself. If I ran off a ton of reports, that would be so intimidating that they wouldn't do anything with them. There are lots of lines involved. But if they could search and navigate (without altering the data), they might find it useful and fun. Is that an impractical request? Or a potential copyright infringement issue with Wholly Genes? I do have a Rootsweb Freepages website. I could post a read only TMG copy there, too, for visitors who might be related to me and working on more remote lines. I also have my major lines on World Connect. If someone swiped some of my work, I'm 68, in reasonably good health, but in not that many years I'm not going to be around to worry about it. Ray Marshall Minneapolis