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  1. I am now approaching 2000 source documents for my main dataset. I have organized the source documents by source number and have scannned approximately 98% of the documents. These are all in txt, pdf, tif, or doc files. I also have paper copies filed by source number and that is the way I have to access the documents to review them. (The scanned files have a consistent naming pattern for the last 1500 or so but before that I was making it up as I went. The paper documents are not necessarily named but do have the source number written on them.) I would like to have the ability to enter a live, local url in the source when entering it. It would be a file: type url and not an http: or ftp:. This would allow me to open a source and click on a link to see the original document directly on the screen in native format, i.e. word, acrobat, etc. I read about the TMG Utility ability to output xml files for the sources and this might be a start. It could probably feed to a helper app web page but it is after the fact. Can Foxpro handle a data type like a url? All the entry fields I have seen seem to be text. John Middleton
  2. Wish List Forum

    I guess I am not seeing the relationship between TMG-L and this site. As I understood Bob's introduction, TMG-L would not be monitored by WG staff and this Community would be. It's still a bit confusing. As far as the 'wish list' concept, the topics on this site will disaappear to back pages in a few days and lose focus rapidly. Having all the suggestion topics in a forum would keep the discussion more on point and easier to find. For instance, although there was a discussion that covered a wish list forum, which Jim referenced in a reply, a search for 'wish list' only retrieves this topic not the one on polling containing the wish list discussion. But...I'm willing to try it and will start a thread on a small issue and see what happens.
  3. Wish List Forum

    I would like to see a separate forum for a "wish list". A place where we could discuss not only features to add to TMG but directions we would like to see in the software. There is no forum that lends itself to that now (at least that I can find). For instance, I would like to see an on-line collaborative version of TMG. I could go into my thoughts more in a Forum like the 'wish list' topic that was reasonably popular on the mail list.