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  1. Print to File Output does not work properly

    Presently using Windows 7 64-bit with TMG Gold 7.04.0000 Understand all of the above, BUT When I try to install the PDF printer it will not install Is having a PDF printer already installed (Quicken PDF printer) part of the problem? The install fails due to being unable to find the acXMLParser.dll file Error Code 2, then an error code 87 incorrect parameter when installing the printer driver, then error code 1797 printer driver is unknown when installing the printer, then error code 1797 again with message that printer setup failed.
  2. Windows Vista

    Loading TMG on Windows Vista results in two messages on my system. 1. TList7 not designed for VISTA. Get more recent application from Bennet-Tec Information Systems, Inc. 516-997-5596 support_tlist@bennet-tec.com www.bennet-tec.com 2. open C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Office\Office 11\1033\setup.cfm look for "office Source Engine" for info to resolve. sys error - 2147023838 In the first case it would seem that this is an integral module to TMG and would be resolved by Wholly Genes? In the second case, the OSE could not be restarted. Will either of these items cause my data to be in jeapordy? What features will be affected?
  3. Providing for Task Bar in Windows XP

    Thanks, Les. That got me on the right track. What I had to do was change my screen resolution to 1280 x 1024 so that I could resize the window, making it smaller than desired; then reverting back to my 1024 x 768 screen and then I was able to adjust the individual windows to how I wanted them Bill
  4. Providing for Task Bar in Windows XP

    Actually when I referred to the taskbar, I meant the Windows Taskbar, which displays the "Start" button, shortcuts to programs, and the active program. I can "grab" the top of the TMG windows and the side of the TMG sindows and move them around to re-size them,, but cannot find a way to "grab" the bottom of the TMG windows to move them up. I don't have the TMG status bar showing the condition of accents, etc. turned on.
  5. There used to be a place to provide for a task bar when setting preferences. In TMG V6.08 I cannot find a place to set this. As a result the data displayed in windows goes down too far on the screen, especially in the tree display. Is this function no longer available? Or should I be doing something else to correct the displays?