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  1. Merging Sentences

    Good point, Teresa. If I'm going to combine the death and burial tags on a regular basis, I need to be careful of that memo entry. Thanks. - Sue -
  2. Merging Sentences

    Has anyone tried out the new TMG 7.0 feature to connect sentences? I've tried some really basic ones. Here are a couple I tried: The first one I did was to connect a death tag and burial tag. This is the construction. The death tag was: [:CR:][:CR:][P] died <[D]> <[L]> <[A]><[M]> Then I changed the burial tag to be [+] and was buried <[D]> <[L]><[M]> This results in a sentence that reads: John Earl Camp Jr. died on 19 Dec 1994 at age 100 and was buried in Rock Creek Baptist Church, Stephens County, Georgia. Then I tried connecting Education and Graduation tags. I started with my basic Education tag of [PF] < and [PO] > attended < [L]> <[D]> <[M]> Then I amended the Graduation tag to [+] and graduated <[D]> <from [L]> <[M]> I then combined three tags: Graduation: [P] <and [PO] > graduated <[D]> <from [L]> <[M]> Education: [+]; then furthered his education <at [L]> <[D]> <[M]> and finally another Graduation tag: [+], graduating <[D]> <from [L]> <[M]> This final one results in the following sentence: He graduated in 1963 from Mount St. Mary's College, Emmitsburg, Maryland; then furthered his education at University of Maryland, Baltimore, graduating in 1967 with a Doctorate in Dentistry. This sentence merging can become habit forming. I would like to see what other people have done. - Sue -
  3. Funeral tag

    Thanks, Teresa. That does make sense. - Sue -
  4. Funeral tag

    Here is my Funeral tag: The Principal has the role of Deceased. The sentence is as follows: Deceased: The funeral service for [RF:Deceased] was held <[D]><[L],> officiated by [R:Minister]<. Pallbearers for the funeral were [R:Pallbearer].> Witness roles and sentences: Pallbearer: [R:Pallbearer] was a pallbearer in the funeral of [R:Deceased]<, [D]><[L], >officiated by [R:Minister] Minister: [R:Minister] officiated at the funeral of [R:Deceased]<[D]><[L]> - Sue -