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  1. Scary error message when generating a

    Guess what. I have had the same problem since 04 Dec. My VCF on the Descendant Box Chart works normally without Images selected on the options menu. It is when Images are selected that the VCF errors out. Then I retry VCF Descendants Box Chart and it says cannot find VCF. Then the Vcf will not be found even if I remove the Images selection. Opening VCF without the TMG running restores the problem of TMG finding the VCF. All Images were found during validate and then optimize. Same scenario. Select Images from options menu and VCF errors out. After several tries and error outs the VCF cannot be found. Again launchiong vcf without TMG and closing allows TMG to find the VCF on the descendant box chart. But, if Images are selected the VCF errors and after several tries TMG cannot find VCF. John.
  2. I promised those who are interested in my Reference field numbering scheme a screen shot. Shown here is the simple pick list with the sort on the reference field. The numbers to the left of the decimal point are Ahnentafel numbering. To the right of the decimal point are two digit number series, each susequent two digits representing the child of the previous sequence of digits. 0000001.00 is the base person of the numbering. The parents are 0000002.00 for the father and 0000003.00 for the mother. As in Ahnentafel numbers. To the right of the decimal one would add 10 or any even number for a male child and 11 or any odd number for a female. You might have more than 10 children so spacing the child numbering is essential to getting them all in. For spouses append .A/.B/.C/etc. For parents of spouses append to the spouse number .02 for father and .03 for mother. Siblings of the spouse get their number appended to the spouse's father's number as .10/.11/.15/.20/etc. So each decimal point break in the number signifies a change in the direction of relationship. Children of the father of the spouse have their descendant numbering like the normal descendants. For example: 0000096.10.A.02.112410 represents individual 96.10's spouse's father's daughter's son's daughter. If you are interested I can send a writeup on use of the Reference field numbering and its use for paper documnets as well. John Lundquist GRSwede@comcast.net Pick_List_many_generations.bmp