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  1. I downloaded the full version of TMG 8.02. All appeared ok. Then I did a restore of my TMG7 backup file .sqz. It appeared to go okay, then ended with an error 505 TRROLESTOD5 There is not enough disk space for y:\documents\The Master Genealogist v8\Projects\our family tree_c.fpt with options Abort, retry, ignore. Retry did nothing. Ignore gave a further error 21 FIX_70 with same written message. Abort continued on and at first loaded the program, but then when I tried to save the program, it again gave me the 505 error, exactly as above. I tried running the Sample file and all appeared ok, no 505 error. But when I tried saving a layout in it, I got an error 84 REPPUSH stating the repeat.dbf has been corrupted. Table will need to be repaired before using again. I have run TMG7 on a Mac in Parallels with no problem for the past 2 years. I tried deleting TMG8 and then reran the full install, but got the same errors. I've rebooted several times. There is plenty of space left on my C drive under parallels; I even tried deleting some things, just in case. I did not want to do the update to v8 because I've read of various problems and wanted to make sure my data and setup were correct in both v7 and v8 before deleting v7. Thank you for your help. Cynthia