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  1. Dick I assume you use one of the "Indented" charts. If you use the "Box" chart, please tell me how, as I do not get the option of using that kind of filter. Tony
  2. Back-up Problem

    Hi again, Virginia Feedback from Tech Support - Many thanks to Phil DeSilva - he reckons that the folder sturcture is too complicated for TMG to handle. After trials with moving files to another folder structure we confirmed that the whole lot would back up from another location. I have now moved my "History" structure from c:\documents and settings\my documents to the root directory and it all woorks OK. It would not have been practical for my to change the remainder of the file structure as I have a large quantity of scripting and html embedded in citations , which use a set folder structure (nightmare to change all that Thanks again for the help, hope this info will help others Best regards, Tony
  3. Back-up Problem

    Many thanks for your reply, Virginia. Backup is to the local drive. Although the folder system is non-standard, I have checked all the path values in the Preferences section. From your prompt, I've now run backup with just the project files (no exhibits), and it worked OK. Following on, I tried it with other combinations, and have been able to backup with everything switched on except the eternal images. I assume the problem lies somewhere here. I have refreshed all thumbnails (in Exhibit Log) without error. I have also run VFI (with exhibits) without error, Reindexed, and Optimised. Grateful for any more help you can provide. Tony
  4. I have recently been finding that I cannot back up my project. On requesting a backup, the process starts but then produces the following error message "OLE Exception Error: Exception code c00000fd. OLE object may be corrupt." I get options of Cancel, Ignore, and Help. Help says that there is no topic associated - not very helpful Cancel usually just exits from the program (even though I selected backup from the menu). Ignore gives me a dialog-box stating "Input file read failure - This error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a ZIP file that is locked or restricted by another process." The OK button then gives me the following "Errors occured during backup. Busy can't re-enter now." The next OK button shuts down the program. The last operation it was attempting (or had completed) was backing up the filters. I have tried doing a re-install, but all that happened was that I lost all my personalisations Can anyone help with how to fix this problem.
  5. Second Site

    Hi Dirk, Welcome to the world of Second Site. I think the problem is to do with the "language" parameters of Second Site, but being an English-language user, I haven't experimented with the other language functionality. I wouldn't say this was the "wrong" forum, but if you care to subscribe to Second Site's own mailing list, there is a whole wealth of people and knowledge that can be brought your way for this piece of software. You can get access at http://lists5.rootsweb.com/index/other/Sof...SECONDSITE.html There is definitely an answer. I hope you find it, and get as much satisfaction out of the program as I have. Tony
  6. Hi Alison, I create my transcripts by hand I'm afraid, using raw HTML (this cuts out all the extraneous cr*p that the Microsoft products insert when generating their pages, thus reducing filesize dramatically). Yes. They are indeed attached to the citations, but with a twist! In TMG, I attach both the image and the transcript to the citation. I then use a special bit of html placed in the citation memo field to create the icon and the hyperlink when run through SS (exhibits switched off). I can 'talk' you through it if you contact me off-list ( history @ collins-family .me .uk without the spaces) - it would be too long for passing here. Shaun, I thought long and hard about where to attach my exhibits - you can see my conclusions on the "interpretations" page of my site. Although there are many number of ways you can do it, getting it wrong can often lead to more work later. Terry Reigel has a good set of 'help' pages which also may be of use. You should not need to attach the exhibits to every person. If you have added all the witnesses to the event, a citation for that event covers all people who were involved. Hope all this helps. All the best, Tony
  7. Like Teresa, I also scan as big as a can for viewing locally. I also attach as an external exhibit and use SS (2nd Site) to produce my web output. I create a transcript for every certificate I have, or have sighted, and attach these as external text exhibits along with the scanned image. The result is that I can view the image locally (or when burned to CD), but the end-user of the wensite doesn't have large downloads when they are browsing (this is particularly important for those who have dial-up services java script:emoticon( ). The other thing you would need to think about, is where you are going to attach your images - event, citation, source? This is a whole different can of worms, and there numerous methods of doing this.java script:emoticon( You may like to have a look at my own site for an idea of one way you to accomplish what you may be after on http://history.collins-family.me.uk (see the "interpretations" page). best of luck, Tony
  8. Member Map

    Hi Jeff, many thanks - worked just fine. I'm now back home where I should be Hope you got yourself sorted as well, Mick. I do take your point, Mosh, and it does to a certain extent bear out my general comments (although, without wishing to offend anyone, there have been many around the world who have tried (and failed) to achieve the removal of Jerusalem for centuries ) best wishes to all, Tony
  9. Member Map

    Re the potential new map. I quite like the format - the ability to scroll and pan etc - but have a couple of comments. 1 - for non-US members, it is your name and city that are required, 2 - the mappers do not know where Kirkcaldy is. (just north of Edinburgh, not in the highlands). If postcodes (for UK anyway, and possibly most of Europe) were used, the problem in 2 may be averted. If this system is to be used by the wider (non-US) community, an improvement in the mapping of towns should be considered. Is there an intention (possibility) to copy the old pins to the new system? Look forward to seeing the map running again.
  10. Hi Matt, I would not say that I am an expert in this field - Terry is far 'older and wiser' than I at the genealogy thing. I do scan all the documents I have, and for the reasons Terry gives. I always attach my images as external exhibits. This means that the backup of TMG is smaller (and it fits better with John Cardinal's 'Second Site' which I use for creating my webpages). My (alternative) viewpoint as to where I attach them can be viewed at http://www.tony-collins.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/family/ selecting the 'interpretations' page. As Terry says, you can do almost anything you like, but whatever you decide should be adhered to throughout. It makes it easier for you, and anyone else looking at the data if it has form to the structure. "Say what you do, then do what you say". Hope this helps, (and keep asking - we all started sometime - and probably made the same mistakes ) Tony.
  11. http://history.collins-family.me.uk The data/site mostly refers to the Scottish side of the family (Chalmers, Martin, Todd, Sharp, Kerr, Aitken, with connections to Marwood, Borland, Dallas, Henderson, Rodger, and their descendants). Less information has yet been obtained on the English connections of Collins, Burrell, Schofield, Wright and Butler. Data is collated using TMG7 attaching photocopies of documents and photographs relating to events. Transcriptions of documents are created using a home-produced html template and are also attached as text exhibits. Second Site produces the main site in Side-by-Side format, and displays the raw data (TMG sentences) in tabular form. Other pages are added using Second Site User Items or are hand-coded to fit the style. Although photos are displayed on the site, photocopies of documents (and their transcripts) are not. This is due to concerns by some people over privacy. Some people are also "excluded" from the site for the same reason. Resizing of photos for web is done using Irfanview ( www.irfanview.com ) Image mapping on photos is done using GeoHTML by Alexander Samsonov