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  1. Family and Tree tab changes from version 7?

    But I believe part of the original problem is that when you come in from the project explorer, either linked or focus changed, the person view on the details window does not show any tag selection, so you wouldn't know that in some way the mother had been selected, which apparently has been happening in version 8. Nothing in Help mentions anything about this. If you know to select the Name tag before changing views if works fine. But how would you know you need to do this? Joanne
  2. Family and Tree tab changes from version 7?

    I tried that and it was the same. Joanne
  3. Family and Tree tab changes from version 7?

    Yes, the same problems occur. Joanne
  4. Family and Tree tab changes from version 7?

    I am using Win7 Home Premium. Joanne
  5. Family and Tree tab changes from version 7?

    I seldom use the Project Explorer, so tried it today and found that it worked for me like Robert described. I linked the Project Explorer to other windows and then selected a person. The details window person tab changed to that person. Then when I clicked the family tab, the focus person was the first person's mother and the tree tab was that same mother, then the person tab was also that mother. As soon as I had clicked the family tab the selected person on the Project Explorer became that new person. Then when I clicked the family tab again, the grandmother became the focus person, and it continued until no more mothers were available. Joanne Skelton
  6. Census

    If you know the name of an individual in that district, you can search on either Ancestry or Heritage Quest and their result includes the National Archives numbers for that roll. Joanne
  7. Zero parents filter problem

    Mike, I just tried that filter and checked a couple of pages on the preview report and they all seemed to be individuals who do not have parents in my database. Not sure what your problem might be. Joanne Skelton
  8. Skelton, Joanne

    Website Title: Joanne's Genealogy URL: www.joanneskelton.com
  9. It appears to me that the reference tags are information from a telephone directory. The detail report shows a 4 at the end of each these tags . If you check the endnotes, you will see it refers to a telephone directory. Joanne Skelton
  10. List of Ancestor Surnames

    Try the Distribution of People report. It can be sorted either by frequency or column value (surname). Joanne Skelton