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  1. Installing after 'Trial'

    Neil, I contacted support about this and heard back from then within a couple of days, but they thought I had purchased v8. I wrote back and told them it was the trial version, I haven't heard from them since and don't expect to I haven't bought it and don't think I will either.
  2. Trial Expired

    I downloaded and installed the 30 day trial version, but when I start it it tells me that the trial version has expired. I did try out the beta version so I am thinking it's picking up on the previous install, which I removed a while ago. Is there anything I can do to overcome this?
  3. Thanks Neil, that's what I'm trying to do, I find that FTM is great for "syncing" with my online tree and for searching on ancestry.com. I can merge entire families with just a few clicks together with the source image and it adds a citation (not the best, but I'll improve it in TMG) I can add several families at one sitting and if I have to try and remember who they were, to enter manually into TMG, that's a lot more work than I really want to do.
  4. I've been using TMG for several years now but never had to do any data merging, such as gedcom or other files, so instead of me blundering around on my own, I thought I would ask for help. Here's my problem, I have a FTM backup that I can import into TMG. This file has all my people plus some new ones, How can I separate those new people out when I don't know with certainty how many and who they are? I tried importing and then merging into one dataset, that gave me two of everyone except the new ones I could go through the explorer and merge the doubles. Or I could copy the "single" people to a focus group and merge that to the original data. Whew! I'm hoping that there's an easier way because I'll be doing this every once in a while. I'm using FTM12 as my "search" program but I really want to keep TMG up to date also. I have a lot of custom sources and roles in TMG that I don't want messed up, otherwise I would just do a fresh import each time.
  5. Project Explorer shows true.

    Thanks Jim, I had tried the trial version of PathWiz earlier this year. I'll delete them. Ray
  6. I've never had a problem like this one, when I opened my project this morning I noticed that the Project Explorer was showing the names (sorted on Surname) to be all True, that's all that was in there beside each branch, the word true. I started to run Reindex and an error message came up, Syntax error. 495 FILTERDATA2. I'm typing this as I do the operation so it's a live "blow by blow" report. Aborted. Optimize ran ok, but gave the same error when finished, aborted again. Deleted all 29 of the CDX files. Opened TMG and all seems well. There is a 30th. CDX file called back_I.CDX, it has a much earlier date than the others, several months, it seems to contain exhibit captions, there is also a coresponding back_I.DBF file to go with it. Is this a stray and can I get rid of it? Even though I'm up and running I'll send this anyway, just in case it is of some use to anyone Ray
  7. Thanks Teresa, it's my other hard drive, I use it for backups only. I copy that to a removable drive every month or so and then alternate that with one that is kept off site. Oh, and I backup to CD and DVD on a regular basis. Paranoid...... you bet. Ray
  8. As I've reported before, I have trouble with a backup path that once in a while changes from "D:\TMG Backups\" to "Loadmode\". And the subsequent melt down is not pretty It happened the other night, so I saved a copy of the .pjc file and had a look at it with an editor. What I found was a lot of empty space just above the Backup location line, there were also some line feed characters (0A), and carriage returns (0D) embedded in there. I deleted all the "apparent" empty space and set this file as the current one. Yes I backed up the other one first. TMG opened fine and ran with no problems that I could see. When I looked at the .pjc file again it seems that there is an "emrty" line added every time I start, or exit maybe, TMG. That is why I had so much white space. all those added lines. Is this normal behaviour, or is something wrong here? File sizes, original file was 4.80 KB. After I removed the lines and opened and closed TMG three times, the file size is presently 3.32 KB. Whether this is at the root of my backup problem I don't know, but it's been an interesting exercise anyway Ray
  9. Backup failure

    Mine keeps on doing that too, in fact the reason I'm in here today is because it just happened again. This time though, before I reset the path with preferences, I'm looking over the .PJC file and I see that the path has changed in there. BackupsDirectory =LoadMode\ TimelineDirectory =H:\PROGRAM FILES\THE MASTER GENEALOGIST\TIMELINE\ GEDCOMDirectory =H:\PROGRAM FILES\THE MASTER GENEALOGIST\ REportsDirectory =H:\Documents and Settings\Ray\My Documents\TMG reports\ RepeatDirectory =H:\PROGRAM FILES\THE MASTER GENEALOGIST\ It should be pointing to my backup drive D:\ One thing I do notice with the .PJC file, there is a lot, and I mean a lot, of white space between the path to the image directory and the backup path. There must be several pages or screens of almost nothing, I say almost, because I can highlight several "empty" lines with the curser, as if to cut or copy. Well that is wierd, I just copied nothing and pasted nothing into another copy of Notepad, and it shows up when selected, but there's nothing there. I think I need a nap. Can anyone explain any of this? Ray
  10. MemberMap not working

    Still no membermap available. Is there any word on what is happening with it? Ray
  11. Jim, I'm probably the one that you've seen mention it before. I've had it happen a few times now, the last was, like Jeff, after upgrading to 6.04. You mention an entry in the PJC file, if it happens again and if I think of it, would it be a help if I were to send in the file, before I change the entry in the preferences.? Ray
  12. Messages are threaded

    Thanks Virginia, I probably hit the wrong button at some point. I had checked all over but never noticed that those buttons were there all the time. Ray
  13. Messages are threaded

    The last couple of times I've logged in and gone to read a forum with a new posting, the postings, with the exception of the original one, have been threaded in a window and to read the next reply I have to click on it to open. Is this a new feature of the board, I've seen no other mention of it, or is it a setting on my end? I looked through all the controls but see nothing I can set to revert me back to the way it used to be, where I could see all the replies by just scrolling down. Ray