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  1. birth is now listed as death

    Just to clarify you want: 1) The Project Files, the correct files from Version 8 or the bad files in version 9 ( I am assuming you would need all the files associated with the project ) 2) The Backup Files 3) Snap shot showing an example or two of the problem I am unclear what you mean by "accents and filters only"?
  2. I found when I print "birth" has been replaced with "death", the date is right for birth and death shows up right. When looking at my screen the form has changed "birth" to "death". I have over 8000 people, this has happened in the first 5000 to 6000, so records put in years ago. The newer inputs are right. What did I do?
  3. Trying to load 9.3, getting message MSVCR71.dll is missing. What is this and where do I find it?