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  1. I recently bought Dragon Naturally Speaking version 12.5 home edition. I wanted to use it with TMG in order to add descriptions to items in the exhibit log. However, as soon as I start to dictate TMG closes. Does anyone know a solution for this problem? I'm using TMG version 8.08, but have downloaded the new version 9 and I have the problem in both versions. I'm using a PC, with Windows 8.1.
  2. My computer died. I installed TMG v8 on my new computer. When I tried to open a project, it said that it was created in a newer version of TMG v8. I tried to do an update, but got this error message; "Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specific log file location exists and you can writ to it." Where is this file located, and why would I be having trouble with this since this is a new installation?
  3. A-ha! Sometimes the answer is so obvious you just can't see it. If I uploaded a photo of myself right now, you would see that my face is quite red with embarrassment. Thank you, Helmut.
  4. There is no such folder on my system. I do not have ANY TMG v8 files, (only v7) they have all been deleted so I could start with a fresh installation. However, I get this error message when I start the installer program (tmg8setup.exe) I downloaded from the Wholly Genes website. As soon as I click "English-US" in the language dialog box, I get the error message. So the installation stops before any files are written. I checked the path, C: Program files (x86). The folder for TMG v7 is there, but no TMG v8 folder. I appreciate your help, but it's not a question of finding a missing file. The problem is that the installer program will not create this or any other file. I thought that perhaps the installation file was corrupted when I downloaded it. So I downloaded it a second time but still get the same results. Suggestions for the next step?
  5. I uninstalled TMG v8 from my computer and downloaded the latest version, but I still get the same message when I try to run the program. (I get it just after I select English as the set-up language.) I have a 64 bit system, so the path above isn't exactly correct for my system. My path is: C:Program files (x86)The Master Genealogist v8. I deleted this folder before I attempted to re-install TMG v8. This should give me a clean install as if I never had v8 on this computer before, shouldn't it?
  6. Ever since upgrading to v.8 I have not been able to back up my projects. I get the message that the project is in use elsewhere and can not be backed up. I do not have TMG running any other projects. I REALLY need to back this up. HELP!