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  1. So this problem will corrected in version 8 not and upgrade like we just received in 7.04?
  2. Are we talking about the same thing? I'm asking about the Vista 64 bit problem with word processing, not vesrion 8.
  3. Jim Saw the comment in newsletter on this problem. Do you think Solution is a month, Three months or six months away? I don't plan on publishing another book till late summer early fall. I was just wondering what your best guess is? Thanks
  4. Accent Direct Line

    Ok - I have read all the above on accents, watched the instruction video on accents. I'm trying to accent all the direct ancesors of my grandson and for some reason in one of my branches it does not accent the direct ancestors after a certain number of generations but it does tell me they are a direct ancestor in the relation flag. I would appreciate any suggestions.
  5. TMG V7 Output to PDF Problem

    Ok the only thing I had not done was the suggestion you made on Dec 3 2008 at 10:45 to create a dummy port which I have now done and it hangs up again. After I created the dummy port I restarted the system to make sure it took. First ime it did not work but I have done it several times now and it works. Thanks for your patience with us no MIS people.
  6. TMG V7 Output to PDF Problem

    Jim I updated to Adobe Reader version 9 and restarted the system after that sucessful upload. When I try to generate and save to a pdf file the Pedigree report. The program indicates it calculating the text text per the progress box to 100% but the program locks up there and will not go any further. I tried using two different individuals but it locked up on both never leaving the progress box. I have printed out the string of all the entries on TMG V& Output to PDF printer and will review them again in print instead of on the screen to see if I'm miaaing anything.
  7. TMG V7 Output to PDF Problem

    Looks like it locked me up again.
  8. TMG V7 Output to PDF Problem

    I'm not a system expert but If I understand you on my printers in the control panel it only has the 8100 Which is marked Default and the Wholly Genes PDF Writer V3 Within my Master Genealogist under File - Printer Set up I movved the printer from 8100 to windows Default. I do not have PDF marked as default. I'll try again and see if it shuts me down and advise
  9. TMG V7 Output to PDF Problem

    Jim When I go to task manager I shows three activities Wholly Genes Community - Running The Master Genealogist - Not Running Pedigree - Not Running
  10. TMG V7 Output to PDF Problem

    Just purchased a new computer which has Zista and runs at 64. I sure miss XP! Using TMG 7.03. I only have two printers installed on my control Panel. - Default is HP8100 and second is Wholly Genes PDF Writer V3. If It makes any difference. Within TMG on printer ser up I using the same HO 8100 printer and I have installed the PDF printer. I'm using Adobe Reader 8 which was installed/updated11/16/08. When I run ther pedigree report format to print preview or printer it works fine but when I try to save the the Pdeigree Chart which you can only run in Acrodat (PDF) format it locks up the program even for a one page report. When I hit cancel after waitning as long as 20 min . I have to close the program. Then when I try to reopen the program after it shuts down becasue it did not shut down correctly naturally picking last will not work becasue it did not close down correctly. When I go into Select it still will not open correctly. Now even when I restorte the pprogram will not open my file. Hopefully if I shyrt down completely It will Open back up and get wach with the forum. Hopefully what I need is some patch or advice to tell me how I can save a Pdeigree PDF.
  11. TMG V7 Output to PDF Problem

    I have Version 7.03 on a new computer with Vista (I hate Vista and Miss my old XP) When I try to run a pedigree report I get the following errors " OLE IDispatch exception code 1801 from cdntf: printer Installation failed." and "Allas 'GOREP' is not found." and it shuts down my TMG program. The I get another message "Unknown member ROPROTECTIONMAN." i just tried running an individual Narative and it worked and printed out to my printer which is also new. I did set up the printer under printer set up. Appreciate any help you can give me.
  12. I currently have the relationship option turned on that list what relationship a subject is to a key subject on each of the individuals detail screens I call up. I really like this option and would like to know if there is a way I can get this relationship to print out on the journal reports if I'm printing a book for the specific key subject?
  13. Disappearing mouse

    Is this with the new Vista or the older Microsoft operating systems?
  14. Wish List - Generations and Images

    I know it only works on the reports that can be download into a TMG recognized word processor program but I thought you can add page breaks and enlarge or move pictures around to fit pages and generate the index in the word processor program and it will be correct. Aren't the index codes embedded for this reason? Still new myself with TMG and have not tried it yet, but I thought this was one of the advantages of TMG. One problem is that not all the reports download into a recognized word processor program to use this advantage. knowledgable experenced users am I correct?
  15. Version 7

    Being able to suggest future changes is really a healthy thing for TMG software. With Version 7 coming out in the near future it is probably to late to make changes now, so I hope the same topic or theme will be set up for version 8. What we the users have to remember is that changes costs programing time which the owners of the software have to justify if the investment is worth their efforts. As evidenced by the theme that allowed everone to show how they set up their window indicates, there are probably as many things that each of us use that we each think are very important but other users might not think as important and most important as stated above the owners might think more expensive than they would get for their invenstment of programing time. This long list of desires for version 7 is great but may I suggest the owners of TMG come up with a questionare that each of us in the community could rank possible areas of improvements in order of importance we would most like to see. An area thst I personally would like to see improvements in would be "Book Management" but someone else might want more or better internet research oportunities. I would think the Wholly Genes company would want this see this possible broad range of what is important to their users and such a survey if well written sould provide such insite and guidance as to what the majority of users think most important. All the people who have used other software and switched to TMG have good ideas where TMG could be improved because they have seen strengths of other software that TMG could be improved with. Don't get me wrong, I love the strengths that TMG has right now but nothing is perfect and the day anyone starts thinking they have what is perfect and they don't have to listen to users and make improvements someone else will come along with a better mouse trap. Remember the Edsel was a result of a survey. The problem was not that it was a survey but the people they surveyed were the one's at home during work hours and not the one's who actually bought and drove the family autos. Long time users might not know what the competition is offering out there.