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    Family, including genealogy, learning, ministry - http://www.christianreunion.org; reflecting, singing and picking, pondering, painting, learning, writing, wondering, learning.
  1. Windows 7 - No Helvetica

    I have this same problem and have reset the report to default as per Terry's instructions. This didn't work so I re-installed TMG. This didn't work either. I'm not sure what happened to Helvetica fonts on my computer. I also can't understand why TMG reports should be trying to bring up a Helvetica font if the default is Arial. I also have an added issue in that just following the <FHELVSS75> there are three uppercase "A's" (AAA) with various accent marks above them. If I output the Descendant Indented Chart to a text file, the various "A's" disappear and vertical separation lines, dashes and other symbols appear in their place, as expected. However, the <FA line TMG> remains in the text file output.
  2. 6.08 Backup Problem

    I am having the same problem, but not with an OLE error. When I am logged on as a power user (XP Pro) I get the following errors when trying to back up my project. (This is not the backup that is done in response to the prompt at shut-down where some others are reporting problems, but just clicking on the backup option.) First: "Input file read failure - this error occurs when a file read operation is performed on a ZIP file that is locked or restricted by another process." After acknowledging the above, I get: "Error occurred during backup. Output file write failure, possible disk full." The backup disk is "hidden" hard drive D: on a new computer, with most of its 160 GB unused. Then, out of curiosity, I logged off and logged back in as administrator, and everything worked fine and the backup went without a hitch. I am working on a new XP system after having 6.07 on a W98 system, so I didn't know whether the problem was related to me not understanding user privileges and setting permissions properly, or if it was 6.08. John
  3. Davis, John

    http://www.christianreunion.org/family01/davis01/Davis1-p/ Currently researching relatives and ancestors of John Davis and Terryl (Reagan) Davis, including Shields, Kendall, Corn, Foster, Chandler, Stickney, Williams, Martin, King, Bailey, Talkington, Hodges, Tague, Nicholas.
  4. Member Map

    Wouldn't it be more user friendly to disable the hotlinks or add a comment that the member map is not available at this time, or, link to a temporary page that states that "the map is not available" or some such? I, too, made the circular scenic tour looking for the map. Finally, I noticed this thread.