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  1. customize other info box

    thanks Michael, just wanted to be sure it wasnt something on my side, Thanks Kristina
  2. When i try and disable the soundex under other info box i get message: array dimensions invalid 3FRMOIBSETUP.CMDDISABLE.CLICK If i click ignore i get the following: Variable 'LNDSID' is not found. 11 FRMOIBSETUP.CMDDISABLE.CLICK any ideas? only option is abort Thanks Kristina
  3. Color Tags?

    Thanks Terry! Now we just have to find out when V8 is coming out.
  4. Color Tags?

    Thanks, Michael's work around works best as we can get now, but would definitely want it on the wishlist-would like to do exactly as Excalibur stated each census a different color so at quick glance i can see what is there and what is missing as far as census. How do we make sure it is recognized as something on our wishlist? Has it been sent to the powers that be? or do they monitor the forums? i know zero about programming but would think this should be an easy add and extremely valuable to most. thanks for everyone's input Kristina
  5. Color Tags?

    Thanks Teresa,That is a wishlist feature i am guessing- i was so excited bc that is exactly what i wanted and have been going through the master tag type trying to find the option to change the background and font! Thank you also Michael i will try your suggestion and see if that works the way i want, Kristina
  6. Color Tags?

    Is it possible to color tags? I see in the preferences witness to tags can be colored, but what about Principals? I want to color code all my Census so with a quick look i can see which census' i have. I saw in preferences i can make primary tags Bold or have an asterick but wanted to know if i can color code tags and how to go about doing that. Thanks Kristina
  7. Living Flag Help

    yes that is what happened it was an import from another program that caused me to get blanks, i havent bothered with it bc the filters and conditions baffle me, and some how i can not comprehend it to set my flags appropriately. i export my file to my website and rootsweb and want to make sure no living people are displayed, which i think i have successfully done, but i always end up with some ancestors in the 1700's who are also blocked as living, so i tried John's utility, (of course contributing)which i guess worked but then i saw the other post about how some imports ended up with a blank value for the living flag, checked and sure enough i had blanks, for ancestors who died 200 years ago. so i tried a few conditions and ended making my own flag set to Living =N?? ok have done as suggested, still unclear as to why the living flag is never Y, i read the topics Michael suggested, my understanding is during an export only Living =N is searched for, is that correct? so anything else is assumed living (flag with ? value)and will be blocked out. Is it best to leave it that way or is there another step i can now take to set the living from ? to the appropriate Y or N and eliminate the ?. Thanks so much everyone Kristina
  8. Ok i need the for dummy's help here, i had a blank for the living flag on many people, i tried to use TMG utility but found that only works if you have a ?, i had a blank so i tried various things to get a flag for people and some how i have managed to make my own living flag set to N , i am fairly sure i am still living, so i need the best way to clear all and start over from scratch, to get all my living flags in order, Thanks Kristina
  9. Whenever i try to add others to my focus group, my TMG times out and i get the not responding at the top. My focus group is 3400 people. i have optimized and validated, anything else i should do? thanks Kristina
  10. Recently someone emailed me regarding an online tree, the person they inquired about i have no idea who they were or how they ended up in my tree- i have only merged 1 or 2 gedcoms, several years ago, what i want to do is somehow limit my data(?) Project(?) gedcom(?) [not sure of the terminology] to my ancestors, their spouses, their descendants, bascially people who are related to me somehow including by marriage and their ancestors and descendents. I may even want to start a new file/project/ with only those people, not sure why i would want or need 5 generations of ancestors of someone that i am not related to. I also have some "branches" from the gedcoms imported years ago that i would want somehow chopped off. my file is relatively small about 5,000 people, I know there will be several suggestions and various ways to do this so i welcome any and all suggestions, Thanks Kristina
  11. adding photos

    i think i am making things more complicated but not sure why....or how not to?? when i get a document i keep it in a file organized by family in the desk, then i scan it in and put it in a similar file on my hard drive. Each family has a file where i keep documents that pertain to that family, both in the desk and on my hard drive. I then put a copy of that document or photo in TMG. I was not successful in leaving the link directly to that file on my hard drive bc sometimes i reorganize and clean up that family folder and make subfolders if i get a lot of DC, obit, photos, headstones, or collateral line information, then the link is lost if i move the photos to a subfolder so i made an exhibit folder that i put all exhibits in with TMG after they are linked to the family. I have not been able to drag and drop exhibits with TMG, i have seen posts to do that but it doesnt work for me.....again not sure why?? i am using VISTA home and have TMG 7.04 currently i have alot of photos and documents that i have not added to TMG, as i just started using TMG about 6 months ago, and thanks to modern technology i have been able to collect documents and photos faster than i can extract the data from them and place them in TMG. so i guess ideas on how people deal with their exhibits, storage and filing would be helpful. Thanks Kristina
  12. i recently changed all my internal photos to external. i have my exhibits stored in two places, one is stored on hard drive by family then when i add to TMG, i put a copy in my TMG exhibit folder, so it involves several steps, one -adding to tmg exhibit from my hard drive second- when i am in the exhibits, i click on properties -click on save as -and change that to the exhibit path to put copy of the exhibit in my TMG exhibit folder is this the easiest way to do this??? thanks Kristina
  13. Concatenating Sentences

    Thanks Terry, didnt work until i put in a sort date in the second tag
  14. Concatenating Sentences

    How is this done? i read thru the help and see the option but how to I get it to connect with the sentence i want it to? such as death and burial? and then print in the journal? thanks Kristina
  15. can anyone explain VFI and Optimize, what exactly are they doing and how often should you do these procedures? thanks Kristina