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  1. Losing images

    Jim, I have a similar problem. I am using 6.12 also and am losing images when I create HTML and upload to my web site using ftp (I created my own web site with MS Publisher). I suspect it is a path problem in TMG but I cannot figure it out. I can view the photos on my computer (where the photos are) from my web site (http://sherbondy.org/clans000t.htm) but when I view from any other computer there are only 2 small icons where the photos should be (above person #6 in Gen 2 and person #18 in Gen 3). I use external exhibits and have the photos in a separate folder. I create an HTML report and TMG creates 4 htm files and 2 jpg files (no folders). I've tried many options including internal and external exhibits and storing photos/exhibits and creating html reports in a folder called "public" without success. I ran the Validate File Integrity today and reloaded ftp with the same results. I'm willing to try anything but I just need some new suggestions. Thanks very much. Jeffrey D. Sherbondy www.sherbondy.org
  2. Sherbondy Family Association

    The Sherbondy Family Association (SFA) web site (www.sherbondy.org) has two summary charts to give the viewers the “big picture” on one page while also allowing them the ability to click and see supporting documents and reports from the same page. The SFA also has created a master name file that gives birth information on earlier generations while withholding that on living individuals for confidentiality purposes. The SFA has two list of sources, one sorted by person or place and the other sorted by type of source. The web site was created using Microsoft Publisher and TMG. Reports and attachments were created using a combination of TMG, Excel, Word and Adobe. The first summary chart is the Documentary Timeline of John Sherbondy, the first Sherbondy in America. This is viewable at http://www.sherbondy.org/page8.html. This was hand created in Publisher and has links for each event in his life that take you to the documents and evidence supporting that event. The second summary chart is the Clan Chart and was also hand created in Publisher. This shows on one page the first three generations of Sherbondys in America; John, his children and his grandchildren. A viewer can click on a grandchild of interest and will be taken to the TMG journal report displaying the early generations of that particular branch. This is viewable at http://www.sherbondy.org/page14.html. There are 31 different TMG reports that link from this one page! The SFA has created a report that includes all of the names in the database. To protect the privacy of the living individuals, dates of birth and deaths are included only for the individuals born before 1930 while those living and born after 1930 have the phrase “after 1930” inserted into the birth column for them. This is viewable from a link on this page http://sherbondy.org/page13.html. The year 1930 was chosen as a cutoff since this is the most recent year that has been released for the Federal Census. The report was created by TMG into excel, updates made in excel then saved in HTML and PDF formats. We also place a heavy emphasis on source documentation. We have two lists of our sources, which are separate from the TMG reports and include all sources, even if they are for events that are not in the on-line reports of the early generations. One list is sorted by person or place, depending on the source. This list is from the abbreviated description field of TMG. The second list is sorted by the Type of source. This is generated from the title field of TMG’s source file. These are viewable from links at this page http://sherbondy.org/page31.html. Jeffrey D. Sherbondy Sherbondy Family Association www.sherbondy.org