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  1. Maintain Source Numbering in Journal Reports

    Thank you for the input, Michael. As stated earlier to Terry, I realize the benefits of Second Site, which I use regularly. However, my current goal is to produce a physical book. I assume, perhaps incorrectly, that this would have to done from a TMG Journal Report, rather than from Second site. To date, I've used Second site for my online web site and to distribute CDs. .....David
  2. Maintain Source Numbering in Journal Reports

    Thank you, Terry. Of course, you are correct. I should have said "citation". My goal is to produce a journal report for a hard copy print. Second Site handles many of the shortcomings of TMG when it comes to reports. My end product will be a tangible book. At 1,034 pages, I need to keep the editing process at a reasonable level.
  3. Is it possible to maintain the original source numbering in a Journal Report. Having created a rather long report, I realized that the sources were renumbered in the report. This makes it a very tedious job to edit sources from the report. Maintaining the original source numbers would be highly desirable. .......David Walker
  4. My experience with installing Parallels to begin with has not been smooth. Purchased from FutureShop, two attempts to install failed miserably. I d/l a copy from the source, and it installed more or less without issues. I then d/l TMG 7.03 from WhollyGenes, and got an error message "Variable 'GOTERM' is not found". I uninstalled TMG from the Windows XP control panel. Thinking it was something quirky with the d/l from the iMac, I used an old copy of the 7.0 installation file from the PC. This installed okay and I was able to restore my data file. However, when I then upgraded to 7.03, I got the same "Variable 'GOTERM' is not found" error message, and TMG will not run. Regards......David
  5. TMG 6.07 - unable to add person

    Virginia, selecting Center Current Window worked. Thanks kindly. Regards....David
  6. TMG 6.07 - unable to add person

    Vera, as soon as I either click the Add Person icon, or select Add Person from the top row, all menu items turn grey. There is no entry in the error.txt file for yesterday's failing. Regards....David
  7. This is now the second occurrence in the past two weeks. The problem arises when I attempt to add a new person. All other functions behave themselves, but when I select to add a new person most options in v.6.07 go grey. I cannot exit TMG, other than using CTRL-ALT-DEL. It is not project related as it happens with any project, including the sample. The only recourse was to uninstall, then do a fresh install from CD, then upgrade from 6.xx to 6.07. All was well until now, when the same thing happened again.
  8. Book Manager

    Thanks, Jim. If this is all the Book Manager accomplishes, I cannot imagine why it was given that name. It should more aptly be called Report Manager. Regards....David
  9. Book Manager

    Four of us have tried, independently on four different computers, to produce a book from multiple reports. The process appears to work in terms of creating the individual reports, but there is no combined report, or book, as one would expect. Regards.....David