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  1. Finally made it! All working again, just need to do some fine tuning. Many many Thanks to Jim and others for your help Regards Ray
  2. Clean Install completed and almost back to normal. The language settings and custom sentence structures are there, but not seeing sentence previews.
  3. File deleted and program re-started but still the same, there is no (English UK) option available on the File / Language menu, just 'English' Looking again at the Tag Type Definition edit screen, it is apparent that the 'English' option which is the default, is slightly deformed as if made up of dots instead of solid lines. If the 'English UK' option is selected you cannot reselect the 'English' option which becomes greyed out. But closing and re-opening the window causes the language option to revert to 'English' Also when the English UK ' is clicked the custom sentence structure is visible as mentioned before, but the sentence preview does not display the new sentence Hope this makes sense, and helps. Ray
  4. File deleted and program re-started but still the same, there is no (English UK) option available on the File / Language menu, just 'English'
  5. Sorry but there is no (English UK) option available on the File / Language menu
  6. Run program, opened in Demo project, then found my project which I opened. It still has default sentence structures as before. If I open a tag and view sentence there is an option to select Englishuk in place of English which then displays the custom sentence, but it reverts to English after closing the window. I cannot see any such option to change the language on the edit pages of the Master Tag list or on the File/Language menu.
  7. You are running TMG v7.04? If so. that means that you are using a very old version of the language files. There is no point to backing up the language files since you should _never_ overwrite the program-installed language files with restore. With TMG closed, delete the shared program data folder. Delete the folder and not just the contents. The program will recreate the folder the next time that it is run. The folder location... Windows 7 and Windows Vista C:\ProgramData\The Master Genealogist v7 Windows XP and Windows 2000 C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\The Master Genealogist v7 If the folder is hidden... By default, Windows hides the Shared Program Data Folder and the User Program Data Folder, so you must select 'Show hidden files and folders' on the Windows Explorer / Tools / Folder Options / View tab in order to browse the folders using Windows Explorer. Windows Help should walk you through enabling this option if you click on the Windows Desktop, press the <F1> key to open Windows help and search for 'show hidden files'. The information about the shared program data folder comes from the 'Data File Storage' help topic. Deleted the folder as above. Is the idea to now restore again? With or without the Language file?
  8. Thanks Terry I have done a complete new backup and restore and the layouts are are now OK., so it was no doubt my error. But the custom sentences are still missing. When you say 'custom languages' would that be the changes applied to create the UK specific Tag sentences, I see the Tags are present but not the sentences. If so how do I restore them? Been checking as many functions as possible and I notice that 'Check for an Update' option is not working, it returns the error 'No application in c:\program files (x86) TMG v7 is associated with the update engine' Ray
  9. Hi After changing computers (Vista to Win 7 64bit) I downloaded TMG v7 Gold UK ed. and restored from a backup that I thought had ticked every box to save everything. But I have lost all custom Tags and sentences and custom Layouts. Are these files hiding or do they need to be saved separately? I still have the old laptop with TMG installed so can go back and retreive any files if someone can say where to find them. Thanks for any help Ray Wigzell
  10. Custom Toolbar

    Virginia Brilliant! With cue cards switched off it saves and works correctly. Also after saving and switching cue cards on again it still works. Thank you, I'm up and running again. All very strange, but no doubt makes sense to those who know about these things! Thank you Ray
  11. Custom Toolbar

    Ray, Does your Project contain more than one Data Set? Terry No just the one Data Set in the Project I am using. I do have other Projects used infrequently. Ray
  12. Custom Toolbar

    Further details: I created a Research tag some while back and it works fine when selected from list of tags. I have also created others without problems. I have added buttons to the custom toolbar recently (specific back up, and narrative reports) and they work OK. Current problem occurs after the following Click view/toolbar/customize Click 'add tag of a specific type' in the unused pane Click 'add' move to left pane (also added a space bar at the same time) Click 'Picture' or click button example box and choose 'pen' symbol (Tried description instead of picture but still the same result) Tool tip = add a research tag Tag type label = research (chosen from the list after clicking on the '...' search box) Click OK and get the error message "Alias items is not found 29 FRM Custom2.MsaveTBR" The button does appear on the custom toolbar OK but trying to use it will only give the message "'research' not found for current data set. It is in the data set because I can select it from the list of tags. I am using latest V7 UK edition on Win Vista Ray
  13. Custom Toolbar

    Hi I am trying to add a new button to the toolbar. It is a 'specific tag' which I have already created, but I am getting the message "Alias items is not found 29 FRM Custom2.MsaveTBR" What does that mean?
  14. V7.04 update problem missing string.fpt

    Thank you Jim, all is now fine. Sorry I ended up on the wrong topic Thanks again Ray