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  1. Wishlist-Copy Tag

    I would also like to add my support for this option. There are situations where I prefer to give each person their own tag instead of using the witness feature. The ability to copy a tag multiple times (or at least turn off the prompt) would be greatly appreciated Diana Powell
  2. Intermittant crash when editing roles

    Lorna, several days ago I posted a message to the TMG list about a similar error message I had experienced. I didn't get any replies so I don't really have anything to offer but there are some similarities between what we were doing. Here is what I posted: I had a tag open and used the tag type "button" to enter the master tag type list. From there I selected edit tag, then proceeded to add a new role. I changed the sentence structure and clicked O.K. which triggered this error message: Property MFILLIST is not found 14 TAGTYPEDEFINITION.CMDOK.CLICK I cancelled out but the new role and sentence "stuck" just fine. I then added another role and sentence without any problems. Update: Since my original message to the list I have repeated the above process several times without incident. However, I just experienced this variation: From tag clicked on tag type button to enter Master tag type list. Selected edit tag, added new role and modified sentence. The change was accepted without triggering an error message. But then I tried to delete the new role. That triggered this: Subscript is outside defined range 143 TAGTYPEDEFINITION.PGF.PAGE2.CMDELETE.CLICK despite the error the role was deleted and I was able to close out of the tag O.K. I just started having these problems after reinstalling 6.07 on a new hard drive. Sure wish I knew what it was all about. Diana
  3. I discovered why TMG's Validate File Integrity wasn't locating my missing exhibits. The short answer: User Error The full answer: In my original post I stated that the 2 new pathways I entered in VMI's search field looked like this: C:\Documents and Settings\Diana Powell\My Documents\second-site images What I didn't mention (this is embarrassing) is that the second-site images folder contained subfolders. As soon as I reentered the complete pathways, including each subfolder, and reran VMI the process worked perfectly. Can I blame this on trying to wrap presents, cook and work on TMG all at the same time? I still don't know how or why I also lost my Second Site .sdf files, but I'll ask John about that at a later date. In the meantime I've restored them from a backup. Thanks again to everyone who responded to my plea for help. I think I'll stay away from multi-tasking for awhile Diana
  4. John, I ran Verify Exhibit Paths and got 381 entries similiar to this: *NOT FOUND: Carpenter, Margaret (Ryburn), Event 31787 S2ImageExhibit P1=#2298 (Image) c:\Documents and Settings\IBM USER\My Documents\secondsite-images\ryburn\carpenter-margaret-ann-ryburn.jpg And... even more frustrating, somehow I've also managed to lose all 3 of my .sdf files. I know they were in their proper place earlier as I was working with Second Site. Can you think of anything I might have done that deleted them without my realizing it? I do have a back up copy of the 3 .sdf files. Is there any reason not to copy them back to the folder where they belong? I'm still puzzled as to what I'm missing with VFI. The ONLY difference in the new and old file structure is that the folder that used to be called IBM USER is now called Diana Powell. I'm not sure why the computer "guru" changed it when he built my new drive and I can't ask until next week - maybe I can just rename it. One other question: In TMG, under Preferences.Options.Current Project.Advanced is a box for Exhibit Folder. I have that as: C:\Documents and Settings\Diana Powell\My Documents I had been under the assumption that this was a place to designate your default storage spot for images added in TMG. Since I use 2 folders (images and text) I had ended the path with "My Docs". Could that have anything to do with my problem with VFI? John and Jim, thanks for trying to help me with this and Happy Holidays to you both! Diana
  5. Jim, it doesn't seem to have worked. I went back and did it several times, making sure the 2 correct paths were listed in the box. When VFI runs it zips through the "searching exhibit files" part so fast you almost miss it. I deleted the thumbnails, but I'm still not seeing the correct pathway when I look at properties for any of the exhibits and if I click on an exhibit I get the file not found message, also showing the old pathway. Can you think of anything I might be doing wrong? Thanks
  6. Well, I thought the file structure on my new hard drive was identical to my old one; but it turns out not to be the case. On my old drive my exhibits were in two folders: C:\Documents and Settings\IBM User\My Docs\second site images and C:\Documents and Settings\IBM User\My Docs\second site text Now, I discover my new hard drive has this structure: C:\Documents and Settings\Diana Powell\My Docs\ second site images and the same for the text folder Naturally, TMG and hence Second Site can't find my images. I tried running Validate File Integrity in TMG, ticked "look for missing external exhibits" and identified the two folders where they are now located. But after running VFI I just got a message saying there were no problems found. I wish Is it time to get PathWiz or is there a way within TMG or Second site to correct the pathways? Thanks to all
  7. Restore error message

    Terry, thank you for replying to my posting. It was very helpful. For future reference I'd like to follow up on the topic. I back up Preferences>Program Options but you're saying that its best to deselect that when you do a restore on another machine, just in case there are differences in the drive/folder structure? Was the warning I received just a standard message that shows up whenever you include Program Options in the restore? It appears that the warning is actually just asking if you want to restore the program options file; I thought it was asking me if I wanted to restore "the" file (meaning the .sqz file). So, when I selected No, but all my data still appeared that threw me off too. Also, one of the reasons I became concerned about choosing "yes" when the restore process asked me if I was sure I wanted to replace "such and such" file (the items from step 3) was because the default choice was "no". I guess that didn't seem consistent with the fact that I had already chosen to restore those files during step 3. There was also the choice of Yes, or Yes to all as these files were being restored. If you have made the appropriate choices in Step 3 of the Restore Wizard can you just select 'Yes to all"? Sometimes its a thin line between understanding and total confusion
  8. I just finished replacing my harddrive. I reinstalled 6.07 on the new drive and started to restore my .sqz file (project + customizations), which was also created on 6.07. Part way through the restore I started getting messages about specific files already existing and did I want to replace them. I answered yes the first couple of times this screen came up, then became concerned this was the wrong option and switched to "no, do not replace". At the end of the restore I got this message: "Do you want to restore this file? The program options might not be compatible with the current TMG installation." I answered No, not to install, but it installed anyway. Now I'm not sure if there could be problems lurking that I don't know about. Everything seems to have restored properly and the program is running fine. But I'm afraid to start any new data entry. Is there anything in particular I should be on the lookout for? And yes, I have to admit I read the Help file on Restore after the fact, not before <blush>