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  1. Ancestor Box Chart Fails

    Well, I feel dumb. Went into the options on the Ancestor chart and found it had been checked for blank form. No wonder no data. However, my problem still exists with the Pedigree Chart - cannot save it to file. Carolyn
  2. Ancestor Box Chart Fails

    Forgot to add in my previous post, I have no images so that is not a problem. Carolyn
  3. Ancestor Box Chart Fails

    I also am having trouble getting the chart to print - both the Pedigree chart and the Ancestor chart with the boxes. For the Pedigree Chart it will show up on the screen preview and I can then print it out and play with it (scan it and then convert to pdf and then email it). for the Ancestor chart, if I do it in screen preview I get all the boxes (lots of boxes) but no data. If I try to save the Ancestor Chart, it will save to Word but the file is corrupted. If I try to save to pdf it runs and runs and runs....then the file is unreadable. How can I fix this? Thanks, Carolyn
  4. I was trying to remember how to read the extended lines in the memo fields - saw a post here that said turn on the item tips; that much worked. Problem is I can't turn off all those prompts about 'remember the memo field won't print without changing the report preferences" or something like that - and it comes up every time I try to add a tag. I don't have the time to keep x-ing it out every time I want to add an item. What can I do?
  5. Sibling and Children Windows

    THanks to you all. That solved it. And WOW! for all the layouts. I feel like such a piker with mine. Will do more research on what to do with all that. Carolyn
  6. I have set my layout for showing the children's window and the siblings' window but when I click on anything in the main person's screen such as to add or edit a tag, the windows disappear. They are still showing on the tool bar as active, so in order for the windows to reappear, I have to deselect and then select them. How can I fix this? CarolynG
  7. In my layout I have a children's window and a siblings' window displayed. When I click on a new person, however, the windows disappear and I have to go to the top bar and click twice to re-display (once to deselect and then once to select). I am sure there is a simple way to stop this. What is it? Thanks,