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  1. I may be missing something basic here. I'm trying to put together a slide show of ancestor pictures, with captions showing the name, date of birth, and date of death. An example would be: My father John Newton Dickson (12/22/1903 - 06/17/1971) If I understand the instructions, my caption goes in the Description window. I'm using a black background with white lettering. When I run the slide show, I'm also getting the position of the slide in the show and the duration, e.g., "2/10 5.00 sec.). How can I keep this extra information from appearing? Thanks
  2. Deleting History Tags

    I tried TMG Utility. Unfortunately, the History is not among those listed that can be deleted. Any other suggestions?
  3. Deleting History Tags

    I generated a report listing tags without dates, and they magically appeared. I will try your TMG Utility suggestion Thanks.
  4. Deleting History Tags

    I have 10 History Tags in my project; I don't recall adding any of them. Also, none of them have an associated witness. If I try to add a witness (such as myself) to any of the tags, I get the following "<Abort> <Reply> <Cancel>" message: "Variable 'PVWITNESS' is not found. 288 SPREVIEW." TMG locks up and I have to exit via the Windows Task Manager. I'd really like to delete these tags. Can anyone help?
  5. 1940 Census Tag

    It's probably too late to be asking this but, even though the data won't be released for another 14 months or so, would it be possible to include a 1940 Census tag in version 8?
  6. I have a young man who rode one of the "orphan trains" from New York to Missouri ca. 1900. He was selected and later adopted by a couple; on his TMG record, they have the tags of "Fath-ado" and "Moth-ado." The problem is that I recently identified his biological parents and would like to include them with his record as Father and Mother. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!
  7. Filtered List of Sources - Bug?

    I too am getting the "Alias 'WFILECIT' error is not found.' when trying to generate a list of sources with repositories.
  8. Audit Report question

    You were mostly correct. Two people had probate tags, 1 had a "ca. 1791" death tag and a "ca. 1791" burial tag, and 1 had a mortality census tag. Thanks for leading me down the right path!
  9. Permission to start new topic

  10. Audit Report question

    When running the audit report, I get four errors for "death after burial." However, none of the 4 people have a burial tag.
  11. This is a newbie question, for which I apologize in advance. I thought that I subscribed to the Reports forum. When I clicked on the "New Topic" button, I got the message "Sorry, you do not have permission to start a topic in this forum". So how do I get permission?
  12. Maybe there's a logical reason why not, but it would be helpful to be able to find and replace in the Short Place field in addition to the other. When I was replacing all the 2-letter state abbreviations recently, I found that I couldn't do so in the Short Place field.
  13. I'm trying to produce several journal reports that include biographical summaries of select individuals. The information is currently stored in the "memo" field of either a "Bio" or a "Mil-Beg" tag. What I prefer to have TMG do is display the biographical summary at the end of the individual's entry and that it be indented. So far, what I've been able to do is enter the text in the memo field, and then manually enter tabs and carriage returns, ensuring that each line of text fits. This a tedious process and results in a memo field that looks like this: [:TAB:][:TAB:]"... Judge George W. Dickson, a native of Miami County, Ohio, born February 1, 1820. [:TAB:][:TAB:] His father, William Dickson, was born in South Carolina, June 3, 1798, and his mother, Is there any way to indent a block (paragraph) of text to avoid this?
  14. I prefer to use the short place in narrative and other reports. However, I have about 400 place records that have no corresponding short place. Is there a reasonably simple way to fill the short place field where I have, for example, city, county, and state entries? Thanks for any help.
  15. I may be missing the obvious, but is there a quick way to delete unused place records, other than editing the master place list and deleting each component of the place record?