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  1. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    I have been running TMG on my main pc ever since at least 1997. I have upgraded pc's and operating systems and even hardware over the years and am now running Win7 64bit Ultimate on every pc. I have tried working thru email but the problem is mine NEVER loads, so getting tech support from Dorothy that says 'turn off the messages' is NOT helpful!! I already did the delete, download the trial version, check the registry, start the install process and it starts but then get to some point and never does another thing for over 10 hours before I said to heck with it and shut the pc down and walked away! This was on BOTH versions 8 and 9, THAT is why I was VERY hestitant about paying to upgrade, if it doesn't work for me WHY do it?!! I finally DID pay because I got version 8 to work on a laptop..WOOHOO!! I then saw version 9 and went thru the SAME process on my main desktop as before and..pflat...NOTHING!! Exact same thing, starts loading, NOTHING else is runing on my pc and it just stops mid stream and does NOTHING else! I then took it to my laptop and it worked, so after almsot 30 days I paid to upgrade. I took the file to my 3rd pc and NOTHING! I took the info to my dads house, he also runs Win7 64 bit ultimate and downloaded Version 8 from the website, NOTHING GOING the EXACT same problem!! He wants a copy of my work but I can't share it with him anymore!! Version 7 worked on BOTH of our pc with no problem. He has purchased FTM and has asked me to bring my data to his house in a format he can use. What do I tell him? It will work but.....?!! I believe THAT is why people aren't buying the software...sometimes it doesn't even load!! Don't get me wrong I LOVE TMG, as long as it works I WILL continue to buy it, but if it doesn't work on EVERY pc I need it to that is NOT working. Asking for Tech Support to LOAD a program on a pc that is fully capable, a quad core with 16gb of ram and a high end video card, should NOT be required!! Not being able to load it on this dekstop has itself put one heck of a crimp on my research, if I can't use the pc in the room where all my data and books are it is NOT helpful!! And there is no point in starting a new thread, as of December all you guys will be gone and any future assistance will be non existant, so loading it on my next pc will either work or not, if not I am done, if it does I will continue using TMG until I can find a replacement that works for me. My databse is over 15k people, small compared to alot of you, but to me it is ALOT of work and I do NOT want to have to reenter it all AGAIN!! I did that when my last program went out of business and started using TMG, The Family Edge was great, but when it quit TMG was there for me, now it too is going away. I guess we are ALL headed to the generic big company supported software or else go thru this again and again!
  2. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    Ken, I hope that there is no discount offered. TMG users who didn't upgrade are a leading cause of the demise of TMG, and it seems plain wrong to reward that behavior now that WG has decided to discontinue it. The only thing I would say is I agree IF I can use it on multiple pc's after it officially ends. Otherwise buying a dead product isn't the best idea, especially at full price. I have upgraded on one pc, but have had NO LUCK WHATSOEVER upgrading to the latest version on any other pc. I have one pc that just WILL NOT upgrade to version 8, and version 9 won't even run past the initital few screens. I am using it on my 3rd pc because the first wouldn't work. This made it VERY difficult for me to decide to even try version 9. I would LOVE to be able to use it on all of my pc's, I have 3 I use on a daily basis and do genealogy on each of them. I have done the email support thing but never get to the point where they can provide any assistance, ie the program coming up and actually running.