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  1. Hi, I had been using 7.04 TMG and frequently when adding another source that I wanted to keep in a standard format, I would copy an old one, then edit the new copy revising data as needed. Now that I have version 9.01 the Master Resource page freezes up each time. They only way I can exit is to shut down the entire screen, loosing all entries. What am I doing wrong or what can I do to get past this? Thanks for any pointers.
  2. No. When I click Select and then on my project it says the xxx.pjc does not appear to be a valid PJC file. I use GOLD TMG.
  3. Hi, I run TMG in Windows XP. I use the LAST button on the Welcome page to open the last project I've been working on. Yesterday when I opened TMG, the LAST "button" is gray, rather than black like all the other "buttons" in the column. Nothing happens when I close and reopen, reboot, or click on the "Last' button. I hope someone can help with this. Thanks,