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  1. In light of the fact that TMG has stopped being supported I have a big issue. I am one of those that hasn't worked on my genealogy in a while and have all my data in version 7 on my Windows XP machine. In order to move the data to something else (hopefully a program that will keep the witnesses and roles since I used those a lot) do I need to transfer my data to version 9 of TMG? I doubt that programs like RootsMagic or others that are working on creating a TMG import will take it from an old version. So I'll be I need my data in a new format. Since I can't get Version 9 of TMG anymore what shall I DO? HELP? thanks. Maybe someone can transfer it for me?? and get the files back to me so I can import into something else?? just a thought. Kathy in Maine
  2. I have many events that have Massachusetts as the state... but I want to make anything before 1691 be Massachusetts Bay Colony. Is there anyway to just change those events that occur before 1692?
  3. I went into my project to edit some people that I added a few months ago and noticed that there were no sources attached to their events (I am very diligent about sources). I opened a backup from July and the sources are fine. Why aren't they attached anymore? I can't use the old backup because I have added 300 or so new people since that backup. I don't know when the sources disappeared from those people.... I haven't looked to check to see if ALL the sources are no longer linked. I see the sources in the Master Source list, but it has lost it's relation to events. Some events or all, I have no way of telling. HELP! Any suggestions?