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  1. Tag Type Data Entry Help

    You ask where should the colour of eyes be put for the sentence to read correctly. There are many ways of achieving what you want by playing with sentence structures. I would change the sentence to something like; [P] was recorded as having <[M]> <[D]> <[L]> and put the eye colour in the memo (M). For example in the memo you could put "blue eyes" or perhaps a bit more detail "blue eyes in his army record". Hope this is useful Les
  2. Obituary Tag Type

    I use a sentence similar to Terry's sentence, except I include a memo in which I put the text of the obituary in italics: An account of the life of [R+:Deceased] appeared <[L]> <[DD]>. <[M1]> The + forces the use of the full name, which I prefer in the obituary sentence. Les Wylde
  3. Registration Districts

    I use Birth, Marriage and Death registration Tags, with sentences which refer to the quarter for the date of registration. for example: [PS] <birth was|and [POS] birth were> registered <at [L]> in the quarter ending < [D].> <[M].> I agree that quite often certificates can show additional information, which is better placed in the normal B, M, D Tags. My preference is to record the county as the county when the birth occurred, mainly to aid any overseas relatives who might read my data. Les wylde
  4. 7.03 Download error for UK Version

    I'm using UK Gold Edition and the download from the Help menu worked fine on my desktop last week. Yesterday I tried to update from the Help menu on my laptop and when I tried to install I got the message that the update was for the US version of TMG. I updated the laptop with no problems from the Update Centre. So problem seems to be computer specific. Les Wylde
  5. Relationship Calculator

    Hi Don Checked my project and all are reporting the wives of direct line males as X-great grandmother of... Have you tried refreshing the relationship calculator in File>Preferences>Current Project Options, Other? Les Wylde
  6. Memos in Witnessed events

    1) If you enter the participants other than the Pricipal as Witnesses on the Tag Entry Screen, the event will also show on each of the witnesses Person View Screen. 2) To enter census information I do the following: Enter date as date of census Enter location Select Role for Principal (HoH) In memo for HoH, enter: He/She was aged? And his/her place of birth was recorded as ……. I then enter the memo information as ||-. The || places the memo as M2 to correspond with my sentence structure and the - allows control over whether or not to print the memo information in reports. To get it to print in reports, use Options>Miscellaneous>Show Excluded Data. Enter other family members present as witnesses and write an appropriate Witness Memo (e.g. He/She was aged ? and his/her birthplace was recorded as …..). Again I use "-" before the sentence (without quotation marks) so I can switch it off in reports if I want. Enter the citation details as required. As far as Occupations recorded in the census are concerned I enter this information via an Occupation Tag, to which I do not usually attach witnesses. Do have a read of Terry Reigel's tutorials - they will give you lots of ideas, Les
  7. Person Details Window

    Terry Thanks for reminding about the Ctrl + F3 function - I had forgotten about that and will find it very useful. Easier than repeatedly going through the list with F3 Les Wylde
  8. Person Details Window

    Mike You can toggle this feature on or off via File>Preferences>Programe Options>Data Entry. Just select or deselect "Use Buttons for Add/Edit/Delete/Primary on Details Window". Like you I needed the real estate on my monitor so I switched it off. Les Wylde
  9. TMG 7.0 upgrade

    Mike I found the upgrade worked really well. I guessed that the license number was probably the serial number. I was interested to see the new serial number on the invoice page immediately I'd payed for the upgrade, before the e-mail arrived. I am enjoying using some of the new features - I like being able to to combine sentences at the local level, the Associates Window is great and I am working at completing the Data Entry Reminders. Well done Bob and the team. Les
  10. Download TMG 2nd time

    Download the latest 30 day trial from the Wholly Genes website onto your new computer and unlock it by using your user name and serial number. Backup your project from your old computer and restore it to your new one. Les
  11. Backups

    I always backup to my hard drive and burn to the CD from there. I have always been able to restore direct from the CD with no problems. Les
  12. Chaging sex of child

    -With desired person in Person View, open Flags Window (Flag button on toolbar) -Right click on Sex in Flag Window and select Edit this Flag -Edit Flag Window opens -In Edit Flag Window, select the desired sex (?, M or F) and click OK This should change the sex. Les
  13. Age of zero with 2 before dates

    Jeff I haven't changed all mine yet. I tend to change the older ones as I come across them by changing the Tag type on the Tag Entry Screen(I originally entered them as straightforward Births, Marriages or Deaths) - I'm slowly getting there. Les
  14. Age of zero with 2 before dates

    Jeff The Tags are in seperate groups, so Birth Reg in Birth Tag Group, Marriage Reg in Marriage Tag Group and Death Reg in Death Tag Group. Les
  15. Age of zero with 2 before dates

    Jeff Just a thought, I sometimes get this sort of message when I am updating birth dates (say from one estimated from a census entry to one from the GRO) and the new date is before the old date. You don't have this though and I wonder if it the use of "before" dates, which cause the problem? On this I wondered why you have chosen to use the "before" dates approach since it appears that you have the quarter and year from the GRO. When I have the quarter dates from the GRO I tend to use custom Birth Reg, Marrige Reg and Death-Reg Tags (in their appropriate Tag Groups, with sentences like: The birth of [RF:Child] was registered <at [L]> in the quarter ending < [D].> <[M].> and for marriage with Role Groom: The marriage of [RF:Groom] and [R:Bride] was registered <at [L]> in the quarter ending < [D]> <[M].> I then simply enter the date as say Sep 1866 and the sentence takes account of it being a quarter date. If say my Death Reg Tag is the only date I have for a death, I make it primary and ages seem to be calculated correctly. So although this doesn't answer your problem it may be a possible if complicated way round it. Les