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  1. Check for update error

    Hi Jim... Well, the file is there...so I'm not sure why it won't update. But I'll just go ahead and uninstall and download the current program from TMG. Thanks for your reply! Diane
  2. Check for update error

    I am trying to update TMG on my laptop from v8.07 to 8.08. When I try to use the "Check For Update" option from within TMG I get the following error message: Invalid or missing updates configuration file. The first line of the .INI file should be ";aiu;". It is possible that the content on the server does not match the updates configuration file URL. Where should this .INI file be located? I found a TMG_Updater.INI file in C:Documents and SettingsDianeRecent (probably because I looked at it after I received the error message), but nothing in any of the The Master Genealogist folders. And by first line, do they mean *before* the [General] heading, or as the first line of the body of the file? I have searched the archives, but did not find anything relating to this specific error message. I know I can download the latest file from Wholly Genes, but I am curious as to what this error message means. Thanks! Diane