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  1. Received my charts today. They look great. If you want/need vcf charts, I recommend ancestryprinting.com
  2. Since my original post, I’ve discovered ancestryprinting.com. They say they can use Visual Chartform files to print charts. I’ve placed an order and will try and remember to post here once I receive my charts.
  3. My question is relatively self-explanatory. Are there any chart printing services that can still work with information from Visual Chartform? Any help appreciated.
  4. I’m finally upgrading from v8 to v9 of TMG. I purchased v9 this past September – buying both the license and a physical disc. I installed from the disc and discovered that I had installed the UK edition, not the US edition as I had ordered. The label on the disc gives no indication of which edition is on the disc. I removed the UK edition from my computer and downloaded the US edition of the v9 installer (http://whollygenes.swmirror.com/tmg9setup.exe) from the Wholly Genes website. After installment from the downloaded installer, the About The Master Genealogist under the Help menu again shows me as having the UK edition. What am I doing wrong? Eric
  5. I'd like to create an ancestor chart that includes both the name of individuals as well as nicknames. I have numerous people in my database that have their full name entered into TMG as their "official" name and also have a nickname tag completed. I've gone through the "Options" and "Data Types" selections under the Ancestor Chart report. Many different choices are presented to allow various tag information to be printed on an Ancestor Chart but none of the various name tags (Name-Chg, Name-Marr, Name-Nick, or Name-Var) are shown as possible selections. Is there a way to do this? Any advice appreciated. Thanks. Eric