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  1. error message 482 REINDEX DATASETS

    After sleeping on this, I realized that I had not run Validate File Integrity as part of my Maintenance. Running that bit of maintenance found and fixed a lot of errors. Problem solved!
  2. I have been revising place names through Master Place List. After I change even a few then do maintenance, Reindex & Optimize I get the message: myfilename_ppv.dbf does not exist 482 REINDEX DATASETS. If I try to ignore I get a message "Project is in use elsewhere" (it is not). This has occurred repeatedly this afternoon, despite logging out of TMG V9, shutting down the computer, and repeatedly restoring the file from backup into a new file folder. Any solutions or suggestions?
  3. We can use the "Christening" tag as a proxy for birth as it is included in the Birth Group. It therefore seems logical (at least to me) that the "Burial" tag should be in the Death Group (and not in a separate Group) so that it would become a proxy for Death. I have circumvented this problem by creating a tag called Death-burial in the Death Group which works fine until I want to record a Death and Burial; then I have to re-input the Burial as a separate tag. I would like to see the "Burial" tag moved to the Death tag group. Gil Croome, Ottawa