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  1. Gedcom export provides incomplete file

    After I posted I was led to other posts. One of which was "Turning off McAfee Real time Scanning". I have done this and as a result, the gedcom files for the two of my TMG files tested, appear to be complete, at least the families are connected now. Thanks to present and past posters for their experience. I would never have found the problem without you all! Dave
  2. TMG Ver 9.05 will not provide a complete gedcom file. I have 13447 people and 4614 families, I follow all the steps in the export process, but only get lists of people without any connection to family (i.e. father and mother blank). I have reloaded TMG 9 without a problem but get the same results. I have gone back to old Ver 8 gedcom files and these are connected to families. I really have to know that the Gedcom program will work as it is the only way to post family history on the web, as well, I have to think about migrating to another program Any help is appreciated. Dave Browne
  3. Over the years I have experimented and received instruction on how to include aunts, uncle & cousins of all generations within the Journal Report. So far no method has provided what I desired which I was using in an old genealogical program from the 1990's (an ancestor to TMG). It had a report function that was called "Backfilling". One picked out the desired person to report and by clicking on "Backfill" all relatives showed up with their references in the correct generational report location. Then it was easy to have one index by sorted by surname, given name which was generated from the one report. Add generation/family charts and all was done. So I am still trying to get the job done with TMG. Any help out there?
  4. Splitting Project file

    Thanks to everyone for their quick and useful responses. OK OK I'll keep it as one file!!
  5. Now have over 8000 names in one project file and want to split it on husband - wife connection. How can I do this?
  6. Pedigree - Unable to output

    Hi: I am using TMG Ver 6.12 on Vista with Adobe 8.1 and this is where the "General Print Spooler Error" shows up for me. I can print 1 page documents, but anything over 2 pages TMG freezes. I run TMG and Adobe 8.1 on my XP machine without print spooler difficulty. Been chasing all over the place looking for an answer(s) but none seem to do the trick for me. Maybe version 7 will solve this. Dave