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  1. split gedcom

    Is there a way to export a gedcom with only my side of the family (ancestors, uncles, cousins, everyone) without including those of my ex-husband? I have thousands of names in the database so creating a focus group by individually selecting each person is just not efficient. I can’t figure out how to create a focus group for what I want. Or is there another way? Thanks, Marlene
  2. split gedcom

    Ah! I had run this 21 times (numbered my files so as to keep up). #20 seems to have worked and does have the 0 TRLR end of file. I imported it into a new project and all looks well. Not sure what I did differently that time, but I'll try again with different ancestor. Thanks for your help.
  3. split gedcom

    Yes, I turn off McAfee every time I export a GEDCOM; it's annoying, but I do it. No, I don't have the TRLR at the end. Why is that?
  4. split gedcom

    I also get a long list of error 6908, such as 6908 Warning : The GEDCOM file appears to be invalid. Missing Pointer : S1015. 6908 Warning : The GEDCOM file appears to be invalid. Missing Pointer : S318.
  5. split gedcom

    When I import the gedcom into a new project, there are no children or spouses listed for anyone. I can select search and see them in the database, but they just are not connected to anyone.
  6. split gedcom

    I have tried this over and over - all afternoon - and I'm frustrated. I get all of the required people, but they are not connected to each other. Spouses are not connected to each other and children are not connected to the parents. I can't figure out what I'm overlooking. I think I'm following Terry's steps exactly.
  7. Family Group Sheets

    I'm printing FGSs to include in my notebooks with each family. I decided to print one surname at a time since I don't need the entire project and that works great. Is there a way to NOT get duplicates and to have the male/husband listed first? When I generated the reports for all of one surname, I actually get duplicates - first with the wife listed first on the sheet then another set with the husband listed first. I just need one set of each family but I don't know how to set the options for that. Thanks, Marlene
  8. Family Group Sheets

    Yeah, I finally realized that. Thanks.
  9. Family Group Sheets

    I had tried that and successfully got all of the males with their families. And I tried a second report to get all of the females of that surname with their families (such as my daughter) but I still don't know how to get the male listed first on the report. I guess that just isn't possible. By the way I also included # of Marriage group Does not equal 0 so that I wouldn't get a page for every child who didn't marry. Thanks,
  10. I know how to create a report with a list of all of the cemeteries/burial places in my database. Is there a way to get the list of people in those cemeteries? I haven't been able to find a setting for this. Thanks for help.
  11. List of people in cemeteries

    Great idea! I never thought about connecting as a Witness - I like that. The reason I was running this report of all cemeteries is that I've been browsing through Find A Grave, looking for tombstone photos that have been added recently. Found quite a few this week. ....off to read those links you posted.... THANKS!
  12. List of people in cemeteries

    Well, Huh! I fixed it and I honestly don't know why that fixed it. Many years ago (many versions back), I added a "person" with the name of the Cemetery for my most popular cemeteries. I then added the Tag "Cemetery" to each person buried there, selected that Cemetery as the 2nd Principal. This allowed me to print a list of people in those cemeteries. Apparently I thought I was going to do each cemetery that way, but it proved to be too time-consuming so I abandoned that idea. I did like having the 2 largest ones, though, since most of my mom's and dad's people are buried there. I just deleted the Cemetery Tag for those 8 people, then reconnected them and all works like it should. I don't know why. I have worked in IT for many years and computers still baffle me. Marlene
  13. List of people in cemeteries

    I’ve worked with computers (and TMG) enough to know that the problem is with me; it’s just frustrating that I can’t find it. 6 of those 8 people are in the same cemetery, but I have over 50 relatives buried there and they print just fine. 1 of those people (my dad) is in a cemetery where I have over 60 relatives buried and they print just fine. The 8th one is in a cemetery where I have 5 others that print just fine. I tried the option you suggested – nothing printed in that column. I cannot find anything that these 8 have in common that is different than others in the same cemetery. I have deleted the Burial tag and printed – of course they were not included on the report. Then I added the Burial tag and reentered with state only – same results of no data. So I don’t think the Burial tag & information is the problem. There must be some other problem with these people and I’ll start investigating that now. Thank you for your patience and help. If I ever figure this out, I’ll be sure to post here. Marlene
  14. List of people in cemeteries

    Yes, these 8 people appear in the report with no place data, even though they have information in at least one place field (sometimes just the state). Everyone else with information in at least one place field (e.g., state only) printed correctly. Thanks for some ideas. I've checked everything for one of them (my dad) and can't find anything wrong. In fact, I deleted his burial information completely to make sure there was nothing weird in there; then added Burial again and reentered the correct information without copy/paste. Everything (except date) is exactly like my mom's (same cemetery, city, county, state, country), but his doesn't work (hers does). I only get his death date and name on the report.
  15. List of people in cemeteries

    OK, this is driving me crazy. I have 8 names on the report that do not include any burial information (but does include the death date). I have checked and rechecked their information – all appears to be correct, including “Burial” marked as a Primary tag (I had to correct some and that worked for them). This is the Filter I’m using for List of People: Burial Any Place Field Is not empty END I have the Output Columns set to list Burial Group* Tag; Place Detail 1 Burial Group* Tag; County Burial Group* Tag; State Death Group* Tag; Date Name Group* Tag; Last, Given Name I get the information EXCEPT for 8 people. Ugh. I can’t see anything wrong. Any suggestions as to what I’m overlooking? Thanks.
  16. List of people in cemeteries

    Ah! I think I finally figured it out.
  17. GEDCOM export from TMG

    Thanks for that info, Jim. I just learned something new. I do have the 0 TRLR end-of-file tag and did not know about the specs default on the NAME and NOTE tags.
  18. GEDCOM export from TMG

    I've checked my exported GEDCOM and it appears that all of the people are included; at first glance, most of the events/tags appear to be included. However, all dates for "Name-Married" and "Notes" are missing. So the GEDCOM file is unusable to me. Now to figure out that problem.
  19. GEDCOM export from TMG

    Oh my goodness, I finally got a full GEDCOM! I've messed with this ever since I upgraded to vs 9. My computer refused to boot up in Safe Mode, and thought I had everything turned off. Took John's advice to turn McAfee's 'Real TIme Scanning' to Off and it worked!! Thank you so much!! Marlene
  20. Sadly, the update didn't help me. Still get a small gedcom file, even though it took awhile to export (so I was hopeful).
  21. I have this same problem and it's driving me nuts. I haven't been able to get a full GEDCOM since I upgraded to 9.01. I did not have this problem with vs 8. I've closed all of the other programs, redirected the export to a new folder, rebooted the computer, and tried again. Many times. Any fresh ideas out there?
  22. Export to gedcom

    I have attempted to export to gedcom 11 times now and every file size is different. The largest gedcom I exported contained less than half of the people in my database. I usually upload an updated gedcom to my iPhone about every 2 months, but with V9, I keep getting the message that the file is not complete. Any suggestions? Thx, Marlene
  23. Export to gedcom

    I have never had to close my anti-virus program to export a gedcom, but I tried that after reading these replies. All programs were closed that I know of. I've run scans to look for viruses and get a clean report. I don't know what "exclude the temporary directory (%TEMP%) from indexing trashbin programs" means -Sorry. I still can't get a full gedcom. I may have to go back to v8 if I can even do that now. I don't know what else to do.
  24. Finding people

    I have tried this filter and still cannot find what I'm looking for. When I look at the Master Place List, I see "suicide" in the first Details column for someone. It shouldn't be there so I want to move it to the memo area for that person, but I can't find that person. I tried this filter - but got no results. Is there another way to locate the person with this info in the Details field? Can it be done from the Master Place List and I'm just overlooking that option? Thanks for any help. Marlene EDITED TO ADD: I found the answer in another post. Selected Events button and saw that 'suicide' was no longer connected to anyone (I must have corrected this some time ago), so I ran Maintenance/Optimize to clean up the file.