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  1. I recently purchased a new computer & had all the files from my old computer transferred by a tech at the computer store. The transfer wasn't without a few issues but all have been resolved. Unfortunately, today when I tried to open my TMG9, I received the following error message: "Cannot load 32-bit DLL ter19". Has anyone ever encountered this previously? Suggestions, please! Bill
  2. Issue When Backing-up Main TMG File

    Hi John, Thanks for your response! I found my problem - the "missing" exhibit file had the wrong ID (my RN). Changed to the correct RN & the backup worked fine! Bill
  3. When I complete backing-up my main TMG 9.05 file, I get a message saying "Not found one exhibit file." I went to the exhibit file location (Last Backup.log) and can find no problem. I opened TMG, went to the particular individual's page, clicked on the Exhibit Log icon, and it showed no exhibits for this person! Any suggestions as to resolve this issue? Thanks! Bill
  4. My TMG 9.05 opens normally but when I select a random person, I get an error window saying "Index does not match the table. Delete the index file and re-create the index. 87 REPPUSH". I tried File>Maintenance>Re-index but apparently I have to delete the old index file first! Please advise as to how to do this. Thanks! Bill
  5. By way of follow-up, I did successfully copy the entire C:/The Master Genealogist v9 file to a 700MB CD-RW disc but when I went to play it, only one of the 4 *.exe files will open! The TMG_Updater.exe will open, but the goweb.exe, the rtfviewer.exe, and the tmg9.exe will not! FYI, the Vcf2.hlp file does open normally! Suggestions, please! Bill
  6. Can I copy my complete C:/The Master Genealogist v9 file to a 512MB Flash Drive such that I can open my tmg9.exe file directly from the Flash Drive? Bill
  7. Hi Jim, Thanks! My "Automatic Relation Tag" was not checked! Everything is back to normal! Best regards, Bill
  8. Somehow, I have inadvertently deleted my "Relationship to RN=1" tag in my Person view and forgot how to reset the parameters. An old copy showed (in the Tag column) "Relation >" and in the "Name/Place" column "2nd great-granduncle of (name, RN1, birth date). Can someone please tell me how to properly reset (correct sentence structure) this tag? Thanks! Bill
  9. I have my accent setting set for a specific color to indicate "Is an Ancestor or Descendant of RN#1". This setting has worked for years. Recently, I added 4 more names who ARE direct ancestors and checked the Ancestor block in the Flags list to "Y" for each the 4. However, none of the 4 names appear with the specific color indicating an ancestor. Please advise as to what I'm missing! Thanks! Bill