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  1. Is it possible to have an Ancestor Chart show the value of a specified flag? I have used Data Type - Box Contents to get charts to show information from a specified tag, but the list of "selected tag types" does not seem to include flags, and I have not found any other way to get the boxes in an ancestor chart to show a flag value.
  2. Is there a way to delete (or edit) the entries that are shown when I type F2 in a place field and see all of the entries I have ever made? Over the years I have made a number of careless mistakes when entering place names (for example, the list now includes not only Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts, but also Springfield, Hampden, Connecticut and Springfield, Hampden, England). I have corrected these on the actual tag entries, and have also gone to the Master Source List and either deleted the erroneous entry or corrected it and then optimized the database so that the list has only a single entry for Springfield. However, through all of this the incorrect entries remain in the list of field values. If I could delete them it would reduce the time I now must spend making sure I select the accurate entry. Is there a way to do this?
  3. Changed Computer User Name

    Thank you. That is exactly what I needed. John
  4. I moved TMG to a new computer, and cannot figure out how to redirect TMG so that it can find folders for Exhibits, Backups, etc. The problem is that my User Name for the new computer is JohnK, while it was John for the previous computer, and JMK for one before that. TMG keeps looking for files under the old user names. I did run Validate File Integrity, and during that process inserted the correct link to the Exhibits file - but while TMG said it found a number of missing exhibits, it still tells me each time the program starts that it cannot find an exhibit file under the user name John. I am sure there is a simple way to give TMG the correct path, but I have not been able to find it and would appreciate anyone’s help. John Kuechle
  5. Word Perfect Problem

    Thank you TPG and Virginia, Yes I have been setting the page number options in TMG to “none” (although I have also experimented with alternative settings, and had the same result.) I am mostly interested in Journal Reports, but I have found the same issue with any other report that I try to save in Word Perfect format (e.g., Kinship Reports and Family Group Sheets). As I said, this problem did not come up when I briefly used a different computer that had Word Perfect 9 - and now I understand from you that it does not come up with Word Perfect X3 or X5. It therefore sounds like the problem is peculiar to WordPerfect 12. It obviously could be said that I am creating the problem by using a 10 year old version of Word Perfect. However, based on the fact that the problem disappears when I copy the entire Report and paste it into a new WordPerfect document, I keep assuming there must be some code that I can delete, or similar solution. John
  6. I am very happy to now have Word Perfect support. However, TMG8 does not appear to work as well with Word Perfect as did TMG7. I have not been able (with WordPerfect 12) to insert page numbers into documents created by TMG. (Interestingly, I did not have this problem on another computer with WordPerfect9.) I know I can use one of the options in TMG to insert page numbers into the reports, and these do appear when a WordPerfect document is created. However, I frequently want more elaborate page numbers than TMG allows (e.g., Chapter 7, page __). Previously, I could simply click "Format - Page - Numbering" in WordPerfect and create my own numbering system. However, now (with TMG 8 and WordPerfect 12) when I click "Format - Page - Numbering", nothing happens - specifically, I am not taken to the "Select Page Numbering Format" box. Interestingly, when I copy the entire WordPerefect document that was created by TMG8, and paste it into a new WordPerfect document, the problem goes away, and I can number the pages in the way I want. I was hoping that some code had been placed in the WordPerfect documents by TMG8, and that I could find it and delete it - but I have had no luck here. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there a better solution that copying and pasting the entire document?
  7. I am frustrated by the limited number of options provided in the "Sort By" tab for Journal Report Options. Is it possible to sort the people in a journal report in any other manner? Ideally I would like to manually select a sort order, but it would even be helpful if I could use the listed options in reverse order (so, for example, that the report begins with surname that start with "Z"s, rather than "A"s.) I do see that I could create my own custom sort order by revising the ID Numbers or Reference field for each person, but that would create other issues that I do not want to deal with.
  8. Problem with Sentence Preview

    Jim and Michael, Jim - you are correct, I left out two sets of brackets when I typed my post. Michael - thank you. Although I am embarrassed to admit it, that was exactly the problem.
  9. I just completed a clean reinstallation of Windows XP, and have reinstalled TMG. Everything looks fine, except I cannot see sentence previews for most tags. There is no problem with birth, death and marriage tags - for which I use traditional formats like: [P] was born <[D]><[L]>). Here, TMG shows a full preview of the sentence. For most other tags, I long ago changed the default sentence structures to be more of an outline format (such as, Burial: <[D],><L><M>). Now, when I click on "Sentence" for any of these tags, the window shows the sentence structure for the tag, but the Preview box is completely blank. Since everything worked fine 2 days ago, I assume I made some silly mistake. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to be able to see these sentence previews again?
  10. Short Footnote Form Problem

    Jim, Thank you. While your suggestion did not directly resolve the problem, in trying it out, and then drafting a reply to you, I noticed that in the "Sources" tab of the Report Options for my Journal Report, I had checked both "unique" under "endnotes," and also "combine consecutive footnotes/endnotes." When I eliminated one of those check-marks, everything worked as it should. I really appreciate reading your thoughtful and helpful comments to so many of the questions posed by TMG users, and I am giving you full credit for solving my issue.
  11. I am having a problem getting Journal Reports to consistently use the short footnote form. After the first footnote to a particular source, about 3/4 of the following footnotes continue to use the full footnote form, with the remaining 1/4 correctly using the short footnote form. I cannot see any pattern for when the full form is used, although it is used more often toward the beginning of the Report than at the end. If the Report always never used the short form, that would presumably mean that short footnotes had somehow been disabled. However, I cannot figure out why it would use them occasionally, but not always (after the first time).
  12. WordPerfect Support?

    Since the CD of TMG8 that I purchased last year is still sitting, unused, in its envelope, I can only assume that none of the upgrades over the last 4 months have corrected the Word Perfect problem. If, to the contrary, the problem has been solved, it would be helpful for Wholly Genes to post something to that effect on this web site. Assuming that TMG still does not work with Word Perfect, I would like to restate how unhappy I am with Bob Velke's very cavalier attitude toward a problem that he created and profited by. I do understand his general position that if he responded to every inquiry, and tried to predict completion dates for every issue, he would never get any real work done. However, this is a unique situation - we were sold an "upgrade," and then discovered that while the improvements are quire minor, the new version is missing a critical element that has been present in all prior versions. Given that, it does not seem too much to ask that we be told if the problem will be corrected this summer, this year or this decade.
  13. WordPerfect Support?

    I, also, use WordPerfect almost exclusively for Journal (or similar) reports, and if there is some complication in trying to translate tabular reports into WordPerfect, I would hope that this would not delay making WordPerfect output available areas where it is really needed. I do realize that one can work around the unavailability of WordPerfect output by creating a pdf or Word document and then converting it to WordPerfect. However, the results of such conversions are never perfect, which means that considerable time must be spent dealing with margins, spacing and similar issues. To be quite frank, the advantages to me of the relatively minor improvements I have seen in version 8 do not come close to outweighing the disadvantage of having to spend time performing such clean-up work.
  14. WordPerfect Support?

    Having eagerly awaited TMG8, I purchased an upgrade based on only a quick scan of the list of new features. My review did not make it down to the penultimate line saying that WordPerfect report output was "hidden," and as a result I was shocked and very disappointed when I learned that the new and improved version is dramatically less useful for me than what I was upgrading from. While I fear that my voice will not carry the same weight as those who say they will not purchase an upgrade until the problem is fixed, I nevertheless wanted (somewhat belatedly) to indicate there are others out here who will not use version 8 until this significant shortcoming is resolved, and to urge that the matter be treated with more urgency than one might suspect is the case based on (i) the sales brochure of New Features (where the problem is listed at the very end, rather than at the beginning) and (ii) what I thought was a somewhat cavalier posting by Bob Velke to the TMG-L mailing list saying that he is “committed” to completing WordPerfect output, but with no prediction of timing or indication as to whether this is a top priority or simply one of hundreds of items to be addressed before version 9 is released.