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  1. Missmatch 6222 GROLESEN4

    Nice to know it is a bug and will be fixed. I have the same problem with some of my Tags, not all of them. I wasn't adding but just trying to look at an existing witness input in TMG 8.
  2. Family and Tree tab changes from version 7?

    Oops, my comments were supposed to come from my personal login, not melbourneoz (Melbourne TMG User Group). Graeme Simpson
  3. Power Of Attorney

    Teresa, What goes in the Memo ? Or is it not used on a "normal" basis but just there for any additional comments etc ?
  4. We have been asked by a potential user/customer why her FTM file appears to genbridge in OK but there is nothing in the project. I seem to remember that there was a limit to the number of individuals you can have in the trial version and wondered if that was the problem - she was importing too many names. However, when I went looking on the website I could not find anything about what restrictions apply, if any, to the trial version of TMG other than its 30 day time limit. So, before I investigate the "problem" further, I would like to know "are there any other limits/restrictions"? Thanks Graeme Simpson Victorian GUM Inc.